6 Cannabis Strains Growing in Demand Across Canada

Just as there are always new trends in fashion, health and wellness as well as celeb gossip, the same rule applies to marijuana. The cannabis scene is constantly changing, and it seems like every day there’s a new trend that takes hold, especially when it comes to the cannabis strains that Canadians are choosing. But which cannabis strains are in demand in Canada right now?

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Some cannabis strains will always be in demand, like the famous AK-47 Sativa and the Northern Lights Indica. However, there are a lot of new as well as old marijuana strains that are taking hold of the Canadian cannabis market, ranging from hard-hitting Indicas to energising Sativas.

If you’re hoping to stay on the up-and-up when it comes to which cannabis strains Canadians are choosing. Check out these six popular marijuana strain choices being offered by popular dispensaries like Herb Approach throughout the Great White North. A few of them are brand new to the scene, while others are oldies but goodies.


The 6 cannabis strains that are trending in Canada


Lowryder is a hybrid cannabis strain that has been inbred over many generations, and these inbred genetics are what gives it its unique characteristics. One of the biggest reasons Lowryder is becoming so in-demand is that it has low-riding growth habits; it grows no more than 16 inches tall, which is a major plus for growers who don’t want to deal with massive plants.

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The other great thing about growing the Lowryder marijuana strain is its short flowering time. It can be ready to harvest in as little as 40 days, which is a major perk for home cannabis growers who don’t live by the phrase ‘patience is a virtue’.

But the easy growing traits aren’t the only reason why this cannabis strain is such a hit among Canadians. This Sativa hybrid creates a relaxed, uplifted high that will leave most people feeling happy and stress-free.


The Romulan cannabis strain was born and bred in Canada, so obviously it’s a popular choice up North. This Indica-dominant hybrid might be a great choice for people who are hoping to alleviate pain or help treat insomnia, but it’s also a go-to for recreational cannabis users who prefer earthy-piney bud.

The intoxicating properties of Romulan are what people love most about it, although the name ‘Romulan’ is enough to make a Star Trek fan convert over from other strains and become a true fan. It’s much more calming than energising, so, unless you’re planning on a long nap, definitely don’t use Romulan for daytime use.

DJ Short Blueberry

Also called True Blueberry, DJ Short Blueberry is a top-selling cannabis strain in BC, Canada, which is no surprise considering its sweet blueberry flavours. West Coast Canadians know this marijuana strain as a living legend, but even if you’ve never heard of it before, DJSB is 100 percent worth trying thanks to its relaxing, euphoric and uplifting high.

The only not-so-ideal thing about this strain is that it can be difficult to get your hands on. Consider yourself lucky if you find a true offering of DJSB bud, and savour those hints of blueberry for as long as you can.


M-39 is a hybrid Indica that gets its genes from Northern Lights #5 and Skunk #1 parents. Even though it’s difficult to grow, these cannabis seeds are a staple among cannabis growers in Canada, so there’s a very good chance you’ll walk into a Vancouver or Toronto dispensary and find some M-39 bud on the shelves.

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Similar to Lowryder, M-39 is ready to harvest in about 45 days, which explains it’s popularity among commercial Canadian cannabis growers. As long as everything goes according to plan in an M-39 grow op, the final product is lemony, fruity buds that are dense and covered in crystally trichomes.

Manitoba Poison

As the name suggests, this next cannabis strain originates from Manitoba, but don’t worry, there’s nothing poisonous about it. While most people know Manitoba as being the polar bear capital of the world, cannabis lovers know it as being the birthplace of the 50/50 Manitoba Poison hybrid.

Because this is a full hybrid strain, Manitoba Poison is loved for the fact that it offers an equal balance of Indica and Sativa qualities. This isn’t necessarily the perfect choice for everyone, especially if you prefer Sativa over Indica or vice versa, but it’s a great choice if you’re in the mood for a happy, relaxed, focused high.


AK-47 has been around for a while, but that doesn’t change its in-demand status across the country. This is one of the most popular strains in Canada, especially in Toronto, which is a strong reflection of the city’s diversity since AK-47 blends together Colombian, Mexican, Thai and Afghani cannabis strain varieties.


Closing thoughts on cannabis strains that are popular in Canada

Although these six strains are some of the most in-demand right now, remember, the cannabis scene is constantly changing. New marijuana strains (and improved versions of old classics) are always hitting dispensary shelves, keeping things exciting for Canadian cannabis lovers.

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