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and connect with European Cannabis Enthusiasts

Finding new customers is a challenging task for many cannabis and CBD-related companies, as the majority of the most popular ad platforms, such as social networks and search engines, have completely banned cannabis-related advertisements. Whether it’s legal cannabis, medical marijuana, CBD or even industrial hemp — your cannabis companies are not welcome on Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube.

While US and Canada-based firms still have access to a huge community of North American cannabis fans through big cannabis magazines, such as High Times, the young European cannabis industry is facing serious hardships in marketing and advertising. This is where Strain Insider steps in with its truly unique audience of European cannabis enthusiasts, investors and entrepreneurs.

With the advent of the Strain Insider Advertising Campaigns, advertising European cannabis companies has never been more efficient.


Where do our readers come from?

Europe 65% of our readers come from Western Europe.
North America 15% of our readers are from the United States.
Asia 90% of our Asian readers are from Israel.
Other 2% of our audience is based in Australia.

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