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Alphagreen CBD wellness online marketplace

Natural Health All In One Place

The continuous rise of the consumerism has taken remarkable effect in the world of retail, especially the healthcare industry. Nowadays, everyone has its own favourite brand, shop, or an online platform that are available to you only one click away. Whether this business offers a wide range of products, high expertise in a niche market, attractive, user-friendly website, or the next day delivery at your doorstep – one of these factors may be a key point when choosing a specific brand or marketplace, even over other billion choices.

Well, Europe’s largest marketplace Alphagreen represents all of the above for the high demands of the ever-growing nutraceutical and supplements market. Alphagreen is a London based curated portal for top-quality legally certified CBD and wellness brands from all over the world, offering oils, tinctures, drinks, edibles, vapes, topicals, capsules, cosmetics, and many others.

Alphagreen company is the brainchild of two enthusiasts Alexej Pikovsky and Viktor Khliupko that gives us a great example of how love for wellbeing mixed with a passion for technology and innovation lead to the popular premium marketplace. By working closely with established, trustworthy, and reputable companies, one-stop-shop Alphagreen supply the best natural products and the latest information regarding evolving Cannabis and the healthcare sector.


Alphagreen Mission

Help Finding Quality Products. Online marketplace offers only leading quality and certified products designed to relieve the consequences of intense everyday life, such as pain, stress, sleep disturbances, depression, etc. Instead of following fads or jumping on trend bandwagons, the company is always researching the novel products that can offer real benefits with proven results, whether it’s CBD, nootropics, or other supplements related to your wellbeing.

Provide Safe & Potent Solutions. As consumers’ wellness is the main priority of the company, Alphagreen offers only what is safe and best for customers when it comes to natural supplements and taking care of your health. The Alphagreen online platform is focussed on eliminating overpriced, synthetic, and low-quality products and providing users with the highest quality and effectiveness – all in one place.

Educate & Empower With Accurate Information. In addition to the platform for CBD and healthcare products for consumers and shops, the company has a curated educational blog Alphagreen Academy led by the concept of alternative natural wellness journalism. The Alphagreen Academy is created to educate the audience about the safe use of CBD and available supplements and simplify the entire experience of each person with evidence-based articles and in-depth view without bias.

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