Top 4 Best CBD Strips in Europe 2022

Cannabis consumers are always seeking the latest products and cannabis manufacturers are working hard to bring new and novel products to the marketplace. Enter the cannabis strip which is a discreet and precisely dosed dissolving strip (identical in almost every way to a breath freshener strip) that the consumer places under their tongue (sublingual).

This dosing route bypasses the acid environment of the stomach and therefore offers the benefit of more rapid onset without the risks of more traditional inhalation methods. In addition, the discreet format and compact packaging offer enhanced discretion. As a result, a new market space is available to both new and experienced consumers. Perhaps the most exciting feature is the precise dosing that allows consumers and their prescribing physicians a higher level of confidence about the exact medication and dose being ingested allowing enhanced efficacy feedback.

What does sublingual CBD refer to?

Sublingual means literally “under the tongue”. This is a dosing route that has been used for decades if not centuries to accomplish rapid absorption of a medication. This occurs because the medicine is absorbed directly through the surface (mucosa) of the mouth lining into the bloodstream, therefore, bypassing absorption problems related to transiting the hostile high acid environment of the stomach and the selective absorption systems of the gut. The simple fact is that the majority of CBD products that are swallowed (or applied to the skin) are not absorbed effectively making it difficult to know what the actual “absorbed dose” was and requiring a larger “administered dose” to compensate (and thus wastage and increased expense). It should be noted that sublingual absorption occurs to some degree with most forms of CBD held in the mouth long enough. In contrast, a dedicated sublingual product aims to maximize the speed and efficiency of this route of absorption through a specific formulation.

What are the advantages of CBD strips?

A CBD strip is a special formulation designed to be rapidly dissolved under the tongue with the aim of rapid and complete absorption. In order to achieve this, a CBD strip is designed to have a minimal volume and a high surface area; in other words, each strip is flat, small and contains a precise CBD dose. Since the CBD bypasses the usual absorption mechanisms the onset of effect is faster and more of the medication actually is utilized (in other words it has higher “bioavailability”). In general, strips also taste better than typical bitter oil preparations and are easier to transport. All of this adds up to more precise and discreet dosing ideal for persons seeking effective guided medical usage. In summary, CBD strips are easy, fast, precise, effective and discreet; everything that is desired from a medication.

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The Best CBD strips in Europe 2022


1.  CBD Oral Strips by Elevar Hemp | Best CBD Oral Strips | The Elevated CBD Experience

Elevar Hemp | Best CBD Oral Strips | The Elevated CBD Experience

CBD Oral Strips by Elevar Leafs have the distinction of being first to the European market and have been very well received. Each strip offers 25mg of CBD in Fresh Mint, Berry Mint and Lavender flavors. Packaging is elegant and discreet. Widely available throughout Europe from your favorite online retailer. These strips taste great and it will be hard to remember that they contain 25mg CBD each!

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2.  CBDFX Sublingual Hemp Strips by CBDfx

If you have ever used a breath freshener strip then you already know how to use CBDFX Sublingual Hemp Strips. These 15 mg CBD Sublingual Strips are conveniently packaged 3-strips per pouch and easily travel with you anywhere and anytime. Need to relax AND have fresh breath before the “Big Date”? CBDFX has you covered!

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3.  Gatsby Oral Strips by Gatsby

CBD Oral Strips from GATSBY are mint-flavored strips and each strip delivers 20mg of CBD isolate into the soft tissues of the mouth for fast absorption into the bloodstream. With 10 CBD strips in each pack, you get a total of 200mg of CBD. These CBD Oral Strips are THC-free and have been lab-tested to confirm their CBD concentration.

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4.  CeBeDot Sublingual CBD Strip by CeBeDot

CeBeDot CBD Sublingual Thin Films contain natural cannabidiol along with a broad natural spectrum from premium EU industrial Cannabis Sativa L. CeBeDot boasts a proprietary formulation and manufacturing by 3D-printer.  Each box contains 10 Thin Films. Each Thin Film contains 4 mg CBD Cannabis sativa L. with guaranteed THC below 0.05%. Vegan-friendly and available in plain and mint flavors.

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For the moment the European sublingual CBD market is rather small but given the huge advantages of this delivery method over more traditional cannabis forms the market won’t remain small for long! Stay tuned to Strain insider as we update this article with new products as they become available.



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