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The following graphics are results of a CBD user survey that has been conducted by the Strain Insider team between December 2018 and January 2019. The participants have been selected out of Canadian subforums on the social aggregation platform Reddit. The survey had 141 participants.

Main questions



Bonus questions

What consumption way(s) do you like the most and why?

“Nasal- rapid onset; tincture- cost effective”
“Dabs with THC for a balanced entourage, quick, with no tar. CBD:THC edibles are great for longer dosings. CBD creams are good for my back spasms.”
“I like capsules because I feel that they have a longer effect than tincture and vapes.”
“Sublingual oil. Works faster than edibles and I don’t like vape.”
“Dry herb vape”
“Capsules and Salve. Cant stand the taste of tinctures, nor do I smoke because of health reasons”
“Vaping CBD ejuice; most effective”
“Have only tried sublingual”
“tincture. most cost efficient”
“Vape for instant relief, oil for baseline maintenance”
“Vaping as it gets the quickest results”
“Oil dropper under tongue.”
“I use drops which I put under my tongue and hold there for about a minute–seems to work the best for me. It’s convenient, seems to work relatively quickly, “and I’m less afraid of buying bottles of oil versus buying flowers.”
“Tincture due to price and effectiveness”
“teas, will be trying oil capsules next as I found the taste of the oil vile”
“Pills because they’re easy. Topicals also because they’re fast.”
“Oral tincture (CBD oils.) Convenient, can accurately dose.”
“Vaping flower. Strongest effects.”
“Tastes better”
“Vaporizing or cookies”
“Via the spray”
“vaping and glass pipe, it gives instant relief”
“Vape for ease of use throughout day”
“Capsule. Easy to dose”
“I really enjoy flowers and concentrates. I experience the effects way more through those methods.”
“vaping because it gets in my system quickly”
“Oil, because it’s more effective to me”
“Smoking cbd bud”
“Mixing with food since it doesn’t make my stomach hurt.”

Did or do you experience any negative effects from your CBD medication? If yes, which?

“Iight headedness & drowsiness when consuming a higher dose than needed; occasional diarrhea when using tincture in fractionated coconut oil.”
“Mainly drowsiness. Too much CBD shifts my entourage out of a focused/ functional state- perhaps counteracting some of the pain-reducing qualities of THC.”
“Slight “high”, red eyes, smell of marijuana”
“If I took too much it would increase my pain”
“None, ever.”
“Had to drastically change my career – self declared in a safety sensitive position”
“Nothing yet”
“Possibly ringing in the ears. I am “predisposed” to tinnitus because I have some ear issues, but it seems like my ear ringing intensifies when I’m taking CBD “regularly. I’m still figuring that out to be sure. I did read a study about how CBD doesn’t necessarily cause tinnitus in “regular” people, but that it can cause “more episodes of it in people who are already prone to it. I hope that makes sense! I’m referencing this study: “”
“Lighter wallet, this stuff is not cheap even with a 40% discount”
“the taste, gives me some nausea. The price – SO expensive.”
“Mild scratchy throat with some CBD oils. (Most likely reaction to carrier oil, not the CBD.)”

Do you have anything to share that you find important? Any quote that could be used in an article?

“Buyer beware and conduct due diligence in obtaining safe and effective products. Purchase products that have 3rd party product composition, metals, residual “chemical, and pesticide testing. Start low and go slow to find the dose that works for you.”
“Not all oils are equally good and finding the right dosage is critical.”
“I have found that Cannabis is much better at controlling the symptoms of fibro than all the med that doctor prescribed. Plus it is cheaper.”
“Solves many people’s problems with the least side effects, of any drug out there.”
“I definitely get better help from cbd if it has some noticeable thc amounts, can not wait for full legalization.”
“CBD doesn’t work the same for everyone, nor does the same product work the same for every person. Some folks get zero relief, others get relief on minimal “amounts of CBD. The rest fall somewhere in between. CBD is an aid, not a cure-all or instant fix. CBD can be a good tool to assist while working on your issues.”
“I so far haven’t experienced a big change but has been starting with a low dosage of around 15-20 mg a day (body weight 100+ kg). I will be upping my dose “slowly with the capsules and possibly add e-cigarette vaping to see if it makes a difference.”
“I’m optimistic about the benefits of CBD for caregivers, who could use such products for anxiety, depression, and pain relief, while maintaining full ability to “carry out their tasks and not experiencing the side effects of traditional pharmaceutical medications.”
“Cbd cannot be used with antidepressants because they are using same protein in liver. It ll cause overdose or low dose.”
“Cbd helps me with a lot of issues. Mostly anxiety, stress and back pain. I would recommend it to everyone :)”
“My anxiety panic has stopped, it’s incredible.”
“CBD has helped with insomnia which was a direct result of daily stress. Anything that helps with an ailment and it’s side effects without negative side effects “will get my money before chemical medication.”
“Id originally tried to CBD as a way to combat an anxiety ridden period of my life. It was immensely helpful, and I found it started to benefit me in other ways as “well. Mainly with regulating my sleep schedule.”

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