Cannabis Smoking Accessories That You Need

If you’re looking for the ultimate cannabis smoking experience, having high-quality accessories is essential to getting the most out of each time you toke up. Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or a newbie to cannabis smoking, having the right accessories can make the experience more enjoyable, relaxing, reliable, and it can also generally enhance your weed smoking experience.

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This article will provide you with an overview of the most popular cannabis smoking accessories to add to your collection. Read on to find out which cannabis smoking accessories you might be missing from your setup.



Tired of breaking up your cannabis by hand? A grinder is exactly what you need. A grinder is a metal cylinder with multiple chambers that finely and quickly grinds down your flowers. Having a quality titanium grinder is important because it prevents trichomes from getting on your fingers and makes your herb the perfect consistency for smoking.

Another great perk of having a grinder is the ability to store your ground buds in one of the chambers, and some are even equipped with a bottom chamber that collects the trichomes from your marijuana.


Rolling tray

If you love using rolling papers for smoking cannabis, you’ve got to invest in a rolling tray. You can have your herb, tobacco and papers all in one place. Some trays even come in kits with all the essentials, including rolling papers, an ashtray, tips and much more to complete your smoke sesh.

Most importantly, rolling trays prevent your cannabis pieces from falling on the floor, which can be extremely harmful if your pet or a child ingests it. Additionally, it just isn’t nice to have tobacco and or cannabis lying around on your floor or elsewhere in your room or house. You’ll never have to lug out the vacuum or sweep the floor with a broom when you have a rolling tray at hand.


Dab rigs

If you haven’t noticed already, oil concentrates are all the rage today, and for a good reason. THC oil concentrates are much more intense than the plant form, usually containing  60 to 90 percent of THC so it doesn’t take much to catch a buzz. Dabbing is a clean, pure way of consuming cannabis and can quickly relieve conditions like chronic pain and nausea. Another bonus: the taste is much better than and it is not as harsh.

While dabbing is easier on your lungs than burning flower, it’s important to have a high-quality dab rig in order to get the best results, Hemper carries some great ones — check them out. A blow torch is used to heat up the oil concentrate to very high temperatures, so having a dab rig made of borosilicate glass is crucial because it won’t crack or become fractured over time.

Hemper’s dab rigs come in several different sizes and colours, as well as with various different percolators for a smooth hit you’ll love. If you’re new to dabbing and want to give it a try, you’ll need some dab tools like a carb cap or a sidecar.


Final thoughts

Having the right cannabis smoking accessories not only makes your experience more pleasurable but it can also make it that much easier to start relaxing after a long day at school or work. Whether you’re alone or have a group of friends over, nothing is better to have when smoking than the right tools. Investing in good cannabis smoking accessories will also help you to get the most out of your cannabis so you can save money and have the greatest buzz.

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