How CBD Can Help With an Active Lifestyle

Working out is one thing, but there comes another level of muscle strain when you’re surfing the web for hours on end. And, being an avid surfer myself, I once found it hard to maintain a topnotch performance for weeks. But cannabidiol (CBD) changed my life for the better and helped me have a more active lifestyle.

Although I have always made it a point to stretch before and after surfing, there would still be muscle pain the next day after a long surfing session. Sure, I had all my balms and ointments to help relieve the pain.

Heck, I even had my favourite masseuse on standby because I’d usually get massages thrice or four times a week because of muscle soreness! Until one day, when a friend of mine advised me to integrate CBD into my overly active lifestyle, and I am forever grateful for that.

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To be honest, at first, I was quite hesitant to buy weed online. But after giving it a couple of shots and reading scientific reviews about it, my active lifestyle is forever changed. Now, I have all the CBD-infused products you can think of. Topicals, oils, tinctures, cosmetic creams, you name it, I have it.

And, surprisingly, CBD has helped improve my surfing in the water. How you ask? Well, brace yourself as I tell you some of the changes in my surfing lifestyle due to CBD.


CBD stops me from getting sick after being exposed to fickle weather

Surfing and travelling means being prepared to welcome various weather conditions. And, being born and raised in a tropical country, I usually react negatively to colder temperatures.

So, when I surf in colder conditions, I get the typical colds and coughs after a while. When I started using CBD, I noticed a boost in my immune system because I rarely get the common flu virus, even after surfing in a foreign place for months.

The main reason for this are the receptors that are present in our immune system that work with the cannabinoids in CBD. When you ingest these cannabinoids, it helps modulate the entire system, letting it function better.


CBD makes me feel more energised

Surfing is a physically demanding sport. Being a woman in this male-dominated sport, I can say that I find it hard to keep up with a male surfer’s endurance or stamina.

When I mix a bit of CBD-infused products like oil or edibles into my food, I notice a drastic change in my overall energy. Before, I could only surf for three hours, maximum. After incorporating CBD into my active lifestyle, I still feel energised even after I have been surfing for three hours.

This is due to the hundreds of cannabinoids that work with the endocannabinoid system. Our body has thousands of cells that communicate with each other through signals.

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These cells contain several organelles called mitochondria, and these are responsible for creating energy for the cells to function. That said, the cannabinoids help bolster this mitochondrial production, hence, enabling me to surf harder and longer.


With CBD, I don’t get muscle soreness after hours of being active

For those of you who might not know, surfing is 90 percent paddling and 10 percent riding. So, when I’m paddling against those strong undertows, chances are that my shoulder muscles will tighten, giving me muscle pain the morning after. And, mind you, I am a strong paddler.

Our endocannabinoid system has C2 receptors that are responsible for regulating pain, inflammation and whatnot. CBD helps modulate the C2 receptors, so it helps the body react positively to inflammation and pain.

I usually travel and surf for months on end, and these trips involve me surfing on a daily basis for four to five-hour durations. All I can say is that I rarely get muscle soreness anymore.

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