CBD for Newbies — Four Ways to Take CBD

There are only two main reasons for taking cannabidiol (CBD). One is to help relieve physical pain, and the other is to help promote mental relaxation. By contrast, there are several different ways you can take your CBD.

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Here’s a quick guide to them, so you can decide which one is right for you.


Four ways to take CBD


Of course, you can smoke CBD flowers, just like you can smoke regular cannabis. However, since CBD doesn’t get you high and is used for its supposed beneficial effects, smoking it isn’t the most popular method of consuming it.

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Any ‘e-cigarette’ you can refill can be used for vaping CBD. You just need to make sure that you are using a CBD product which is designed for vaporizers. These products will typically be thinner than regular CBD oil. This is to make sure that they can be effectively turned into vapour. If you use regular CBD oil, you’ll probably just clog up your vaporizer.

Vaping is easy to do and the beneficial effects are felt quickly. Vaporizers are devices that heat up their content, rather than burning it with flames. Some say that this may make them a better choice than regular, old-fashioned smoking since you can’t burn yourself, and you also don’t inhale burnt particles when you use a vaporizer. There is also much less odour.

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On the downside, however, there is still some odour. Even if this does not bother you, it may bother other people. Also, UK law currently treats vaping in the same way as smoking. This may limit where you can vape. Lastly, the effects of vaping only last for a relatively short time compared to other methods of taking CBD.


Edibles can be categorised into three main forms, namely, tinctures, capsules and food items. Tinctures work a little differently from capsules and edibles. This is because they are generally placed below the tongue. As a result, the tiny blood vessels at the base of the tongue carry the CBD goodness straight into the bloodstream.

CBD capsules and food items are processed by the digestive system as usual. This means that they are slower to take effect than tinctures. That said, this may be an advantage if you’re looking to have CBD slowly released into your body over an extended period of time.

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All CBD edibles offer the advantage of being odour-free. Most of them can be used anywhere. Obviously, as with regular food items, you need to think about storage requirements. Also, CBD tinctures and capsules allow for very accurate dosages. CBD edibles, on the other hand, can be much harder to dose accurately, but there is plenty of guidance online and practice really does make perfect.


Topicals are essentially anything you put on your skin. They are primarily used to deal with localised issues, such as pain or skin conditions which only affect a specific part of your body. Now, however, CBD topicals are also increasingly used by the beauty industry.

All topicals work along the same lines. You apply them where they are needed. The skin absorbs them, and then they enter the body at the exact place you want to feel their benefit most.

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Thanks to the popularity of CBD topicals, they now come in a wide variety of forms. In addition to regular CBD oil, you can get creams, balms and lotions as well. This means that you can choose the form you find most convenient and easiest to apply.

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