CBD Online Shop Review: BioBloom

Finding high-quality (cannabidiol) CBD online in Europe can be difficult. There are a lot of options out there, and it’s hard to tell which companies sell good products, and which don’t.

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To help you find good CBD products that ship across Europe, Strain Insider decided to review the top CBD shops in Europe. You can find our latest review here. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at a leading Austrian CBD shop, BioBloom.


BioBloom company overview

BioBloom was founded in Apetlon, Austria, back in 2017. The company makes organic CBD products that are 100 percent natural, free of additives and not enriched with isolates, flavours, colourants or other substances.

The company’s mission is to produce the best natural products for its customers while at the same time handling nature’s resources with care. BioBloom combines millennia-old traditional knowledge of the medicinal hemp plant with innovative technology and modern production facilities to create high-quality products.

BioBloom supervises the entire production process, including the hemp cultivation and processing, to make sure that the products you receive are rich in valuable ingredients, such as cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes.

The company grows its own cannabis on 110 hectares of certified organic fields. The fields are located strategically in the floodplain of Lake Neusiedl, where the earth is rich in nutrients and the climate helps the hemp plants grow without the need for artificial irrigation or fertilisation.

BioBloom’s experts examine the hemp plants closely to determine the perfect harvesting time. After the harvest, the plants are processed by hand and set to dry in a controlled environment to preserve their natural ingredients.

The dried plants are processed in a facility that’s ISO, HACCP, BIOCERT and KOSCHER certified. The company uses CO2 to extract as many of the plant’s components as possible without using solvents.

The company works closely with medical and pharmaceutical experts to make products that are effective, healthy and natural. BioBloom puts every batch of products through its internal quality controls and then sends them to independent labs for testing. The thorough testing process ensures that all of the company’s products are rich in valuable substances and free of pesticides, microbes or unwanted chemicals.

BioBloom values sustainability and strives to have a low carbon footprint, which is why its products come in recyclable packaging.

Its shop offers a wide variety of CBD products, such as oils, sprays, cosmetics, food supplements, teas and aromatherapy oils. The online shop features exclusively the company’s products.


BioBloom website

BioBloom’s website is nice looking and super easy to navigate. The website is neatly separated into multiple sections, so you can find whatever you’re looking for with ease, and it features a helpful chat box that allows you to communicate with the company’s customer support experts in real-time.

The website is available in German and English, so international shoppers should be able to navigate it without any difficulty.

Since the online shop is separated into several categories, you should have no problems finding the products you’re interested in. Each product comes with a short description explaining what the product does, how it’s made, how it should be used and more.

BioBloom sends regular emails to its newsletter subscribers. People who subscribe to the company’s newsletter receive a 10 percent discount code they can use on their next order.

The company also offers exclusive discounts for students. To access the student discounts, you first have to verify your student status via iamstudent. Once you do that, you can access a discount of 15 percent on all CBD products, excluding sets.


BioBloom products

BioBloom makes and sells a wide variety of products. All the products you can find on the company’s online shop are 100 percent natural, organic, vegan, inspected and certified.

The company oversees all the steps in the cultivation and production processes, so it can guarantee the quality of the products. Additionally, each product comes with a lab analysis you can download.

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BioBloom offers all the products you’d expect to find in a CBD shop, such as oils, topicals and food supplements. But BioBloom also offers some products that are hard to find elsewhere, such as its CBD spray, aromatherapy oil and organic hemp protein.

One of the products we enjoyed was the Organic Hemp Protein. This product is an organic, vegan protein powder that’s rich in fibres, minerals and essential amino acids. Athletes and gym enthusiasts can include the powder in their daily regimens to help boost their muscle development and maintain muscle mass.

Another great product is the company’s Scent & Sleep Aromatherapy Oil. This product combines the earthy aroma of hemp with that of lavender and stonepine, resulting in a resinous fragrance that soothes your mind. The aromatherapy oil is free of additives and it’s made out of 99 percent terpenes.


Payment and delivery

BioBloom supports payments directly on its website. You can pay via card, prepayment, SOFORT bank transfer, and invoice for Austrian users.

The entire website is protected by SSL encryption, so your payment information will be safe at all times.

The company ships its products anywhere in the EU with Austria Post or DPD. The company offers free shipping for its customers in Austria if their order value is over €19 and for its customers in Germany if their order value is over €50.

Shipping costs €3.90 within Austria, €7.90 to Germany and €12.90 to the rest of the EU. Orders usually arrive at their destination within three days for Austria, four days for Germany and within five days for the other EU countries.


User reviews

BioBloom doesn’t feature reviews on its website. That being said, the company is rated 5/5 on Facebook.


Final thoughts on BioBloom

BioBloom is a great online shop for CBD enthusiasts who appreciate natural products. The company makes high-quality products that are rich in cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids but free of additives, flavours or other substances.

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The company’s products are organic, certified and thoroughly tested, making BioBloom one of the best CBD shops in Europe.

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