CBD Online Shop Review: CBDNOL

It’s easy to find cannabidiol (CBD) in Europe. However, it’s still difficult to find high-quality CBD products because the European CBD market is mostly unregulated.

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Strain Insider wants to make it easy for you to find good CBD products, so we decided to review Europe’s top CBD shops. You can find our last review here. Today, we’re taking a closer look at a leading Austrian CBD manufacturer, CBDNOL


CBDNOL company overview

CBDNOL is an Austrian CBD manufacturer and seller. The company produces its own line of CBD products in Austria, but its online shop also offers a wide variety of products from other European manufacturers, such as Cibdol, Medihemp, CBD Vital, Osiris, CBDLAB and others.

As a manufacturer, CBDNOL supervises the entire production process, from hemp cultivation to processing and packaging. All of the hemp the company uses for its products is sourced from authorised, certified growers based in the EU. Every hemp strain it uses contains less than 0.2 percent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which means that all its products are legal across the EU and in most of the other European countries.

CBDNOL’s mission is to offer its customers the best CBD products at fair prices. The company is committed to treating all of its customers with kindness and respect, and you can see that in the way its support team interacts with clients.

The company puts sustainability at the centre of its mission, so it’s always striving to minimise its environmental pollution. CBDNOL uses 100 percent biodegradable, ecological filling material that’s made out of GMO-free corn starch to protect your products during shipping. The waste cardboard and paper the company uses are recycled and transformed into paper bags, creating a recycling cycle that protects your products and the environment.

CBDNOL’s processing facility is 100 percent powered by green renewable energy sources, such as wind power, small hydropower, biomass and sunlight, to keep its CO2 footprint as low as possible, and the company also uses part of its profits to plant a tree every day.

Besides its online shop, the company also runs three CBD shops in Linz, Austria. Its physical locations are large and spacious, offering customers the opportunity to see the products before buying them.


CBDNOL website

CBDNOL’s website is easy to navigate and friendly toward international shoppers. The website is available in five languages, English, German, Italian, French and Spanish, so you can browse its content in a language you have mastered.

The website is neatly separated into multiple sections to help you navigate it. You can browse the store, learn more about the company’s products in its FAQ section or learn more about cannabinoids in its informative blog section.

The webshop is also separated into multiple product categories for easier browsing. You can browse a category of your choosing to find the right product for your needs or you can use the website’s search function to speed up the process if you already know what you’re looking for.

Each product featured on the website comes with a short description and a review section, so you can find out what it does and what other people think about it.

CBDNOL runs different promotions every now and then. You can find the discount codes on the company’s homepage and receive 5 to 20 percent discounts for your order, depending on the promotion.


CBDNOL products

CBDNOL makes its own products out of non-GMO hemp that’s sourced from organic certified farms in Austria and Switzerland. The company controls every step of the manufacturing process, from cultivation and harvesting to processing, testing and packaging. After all of these steps, it then sells you the product.

To ensure that the products have high purity, CBDNOL extracts the CBD with the help of CO2. This extraction method moves all the healthy components of the hemp plant, such as the cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes, from the hemp plant to the end product. All the products are tested in specialised laboratories, and they’re free of any chemicals, such as pesticides, additives, heavy metals or other pollutants.

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CBDNOL offers a good variety of CBD products. You can find all the products you’d expect from a CBD manufacturer, such as oils, extracts, topicals, e-liquids and products for pets. One of the things that make this company stand out from its competitors is the fact that it also sells CBD flowers and CBD pollen.

There are a lot of CBD flower strains to choose from, each with different concentrations of CBD. The strains have different flavours, but all of them have a THC concentration lower than 0.2 percent. The products listed under CBD pollen are CBD-rich extracts that contain a lot of cannabinoids. They pack quite a punch, so we recommend them for experienced CBD users.


Payment and delivery

You can pay for your CBDNOL orders directly on its website. The website accepts payments via credit card, PayPal and Bitcoin.

Shipping costs €2 for Austria and €4 for Germany, and the order is shipped with UPS, DPD, DHL or Correos. For Great Britain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, shipping costs €8.

CBDNOL offers free delivery for orders over €100 in Austria and €150 in Germany. Orders shipped within Austria usually arrive the following day. The orders are usually delivered to Germany within two to four working days. For all the other EU countries, shipping usually takes somewhere between two to eight days.


User reviews

CBDNOL features individual reviews for its products directly on its website. The company also has a high rating on third-party review platforms such as Trustpilot. CBDNOL has a rating of 4.8/5 from more than 8,000 reviews.


Final thoughts on CBDNOL

CBDNOL is an awesome CBD manufacturer and seller. The company makes its own high-quality products and supervises all the steps in the production process to ensure that you receive only the best goods.

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The online store offers a good variety of products, including CBD flower and pollen, which should satisfy the needs of all CBD consumers, whether they’re novices or experienced.

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