CBD Online Shop Review: Endoca

Buying cannabidiol (CBD) online can be difficult. There are a lot of CBD manufacturers out there, and it’s hard to say which of them make high-quality products and which don’t.

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Strain Insider wants to make it easier for you to find good CBD products, so we decided to review the best CBD manufacturers and stores in Europe. You can find our latest article here. Today, we’re going to review a popular international CBD manufacturer, Endoca.


Endoca company overview

Endoca was founded back in 2010 by Henry Vincenty, a Danish scientist. The company is based in Northern Europe, where the fertile soil, climate and clean air are optimal for hemp cultivation. Endoca handles the entire CBD production process, from hemp cultivation to the final product itself.

The company’s vision is that every human around the world should be able to access cannabis-based medicine. Its goal is to make CBD as common as salt and garlic around the world by 2030.

And, as outlandish as that may sound, the plan may actually be successful. Endoca started with 2 hectares of hemp and a small high-tech lab in 2010. Nowadays, the company grows over 1,000 hectares of organic hemp and has a factory that produces CBD at pharmaceutical standards.

The company also brings in local farmers and provides them with the know-how, equipment and everything else they may need to grow high-quality hemp for Endoca.

Endoca only uses organic, non-GMO hemp to make its products. The company sources the hemp from certified, regulated farms, most of them located in Northern Europe.


Endoca website

Endoca’s website looks good and is user friendly. The website is translated into 12 languages, so international shoppers should be able to navigate it with ease. The website has multiple sections you can browse. You can check out the online shop, read more about CBD, find out more about the company, get in touch with Endoca’s customer support service and more.

One of the things we enjoyed about Endoca’s website is the CBD Dosing Diary. The downloadable attachment on this page can help you keep track of your daily intake of CBD. Simply print out the attachment and fill in the table to know how much CBD you consume every day, week or month.

Endoca runs different promotions all year round. You can get a 10 percent discount on your first order if you subscribe to its newsletter. Users who subscribe receive a free CBD guide and get notifications every time the company runs a promotion.


Endoca products

The first thing you should know about Endoca products is that they offer a great value for their price. And, the more you buy, the cheaper the products get. Endoca offers discounts of up to 15 percent when you purchase more than one product.

The company only uses high-quality hemp in its production process, and it extracts the CBD using CO2. All Endoca products are free of harmful chemicals, fillers or additives. The products use hemp seed oil as a carrier oil, and they’re tested and certified in third-party labs.

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Each Endoca CBD product is tested for more than 300 contaminants, such as mycotoxins, heavy metals, pesticides and more. When you buy Endoca, you can rest assured that you’re consuming a natural, safe product.

When it comes to choosing a product, you have plenty of products to choose from. You can shop for CBD oil, capsules, topicals, extracts and more.

One of the products we enjoyed is the 300 mg Raw Hemp Oil Extract. This product contains all the natural waxes and chlorophylls in the hemp plant. It also retains all the naturally occurring molecules in hemp, more than 400 of them. In addition, the product is also rich in vitamins D and E, terpenes, flavonoids and other nutrients. The Raw Hemp Oil Extract is a great product, and we recommend it to experienced CBD users.

Another product we liked is the 50 mg Raw CBD Capsules. Each capsule contains 50 mg of CBD and CBDa, and there are 30 capsules per bottle. Besides CBD, the capsules are also rich in Omega 3, Omega 6, vitamin E, terpenes and flavonoids. We recommend this product to all CBD lovers, novice and experienced users alike.


Payment and delivery

Endoca accepts online payments with MasterCard or Visa directly on its website. The entire website is SSL protected, so you can shop safely at all times. You can also pay via bank transfer or internet banking. If you do so, you will receive the company’s banking details to make the payment.

Endoca ships worldwide. U.S. orders generally reach their destination within three to seven business days. Orders placed before 2 PM PST are shipped on the same day, and those placed later than 2 PM are shipped on the following business day. Endoca ships all U.S. orders over $74 free of charge.

Orders placed by Endoca’s European customers usually arrive within two to 10 days, depending on the destination. Endoca ships all European orders over €100 free of charge. The standard delivery price is €10 for EU countries and the UK, and €20 for other European countries.


User reviews

Since Endoca only offers high-quality products, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the company has great user reviews. Endoca has an average Trustpilot rating of 4.4 out of 5 from more than 4,100 reviews.


Final thoughts on Endoca

Endoca is a great CBD manufacturer. Everything the company does is well thought out, and it shows. From the high quality of its products to the fast shipping and great customer service, the company does everything right.

Endoca offers CBD enthusiasts a wide variety of high-quality products that come in different doses, so you’re bound to find something that matches your tastes and needs.

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And, thanks to the volume and occasional discounts it offers, Endoca is a CBD manufacturer we warmly recommend to all CBD users.

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