CBD Online Shop Review: Hanafsan

The cannabidiol (CBD) industry is booming, and new CBD companies enter the market every single month. This is one of the reasons why it can be difficult to find high-quality CBD products online. There are a lot of websites you have to browse through to get an accurate idea of the difference between good and bad products.

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Strain Insider wants to make your CBD shopping easier and safer, so we decided to review Europe’s best CBD online shops. You can find our latest review here. Today, we’ll be reviewing the science-oriented CBD manufacturer Hanafsan, which is based in Austria.


Hanafsan company overview

Hanafsan is a subsidiary brand of Dr. Feurstein Medical Hemp GmbH, a CBD company based in Vorarlberg, Austria. The name Hanafsan comes from the Old High German word ‘hanaf’, which means hemp, and ‘san’, an abbreviation of the Latin word ‘sanare’, which means healing.

Hanafsan is a science-oriented brand. This means that the brand relies on the experience of scientists, who have decades of combined experience in the biological, pharmaceutical and medical sectors, to create high-quality CBD products.

Hanafsan is a CBD manufacturer and creates its own line of CBD products using hemp sourced from organic farms in Austria. All Hanafsan products are made with non-GMO, industrial hemp varieties that are approved by the European Union. The hemp strains have a tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) concentration lower than 0.2 percent, which means that they’re legal across the EU and in many of the other European countries.

The company guarantees that the hemp it uses to make CBD is cultivated following the highest standards for organic agriculture. Hanafsan’s CBD production facility meets the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for pharmaceutical-grade products. The facility also meets other manufacturing standards, including HACCP and BIO.

Hanafsan controls and documents all the steps involved in the cultivation and production process to guarantee that the products you buy have a high quality. The company puts every product under extensive internal controls, and then sends out samples to external certified labs for testing.

All Hanafsan products are created using full-spectrum hemp extracts, which means that they contain more than 100 different chemical compounds, such as terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids, including CBD.

Besides its production facility and online shop, the company also operates three physical shops — one in Vorarlberg, Austria, one in Konstanz, Germany, and one in Zurich, Switzerland.


Hanafsan website

Hanafsan has a nice-looking website that’s easy to browse. The website is available in German and English, so it’s friendly to international shoppers.

The website is divided into multiple sections, so you can easily find what you’re looking for. Besides the online shop, the website also runs a blog section that features food recipes you can make with hemp, hemp stories, hemp facts and more.

Further, the shop is separated into multiple categories, which allows you to browse similar products and choose the best one for your needs with ease.

Hanafsan runs multiple promotions each year. You can browse the online shop from time to time to find discounted products, or you can view all the discounted items in their own product category.

The online shop offers a good variety of products, from CBD oil to topicals, hemp flowers and food items. The company doesn’t feature products made by other manufacturers on its website.


Hanafsan products

One of the things that make Hanafsan stand out from its competitors is its wide variety of food products. The company sells every hemp-based product you can think of, such as hemp flour, hemp seed oil, hemp tea, hemp coffee, hemp chocolate and even hemp protein shakes that are perfect for health-conscious athletes.

Other than that, the company offers the typical products you’d expect to see in a CBD shop, such as CBD oil, tinctures, creams, pet products and hemp flower.

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One of the products we particularly enjoyed was Hanafsan’s 15% CBD Oil. This product retains the natural flavour and smell of hemp. The product is free of unnecessary chemicals, such as preservatives or flavourings, and it’s made according to the highest pharmaceutical standards out of cold-pressed hemp seed oil.

Another Hanafsan product we enjoyed was the Dark Hemp Chocolate. The chocolate has a 62 percent cocoa content, and it’s topped with strawberries, pistachios and organic hemp seeds. Velvety and not too sweet, this chocolate is a perfect product for those who have a sweet tooth and enjoy dark chocolate.


Payment and delivery

You can pay for your order directly on Hanafsan’s website using your Visa or Mastercard. The website uses HTTPS SSL protocols to protect the payment process, so you can rest easy knowing that your money is safe. Alternatively, you can use an advance payment to pay for your order.

The company ships its orders with DPD, Austrian Post or Die Post. Shipping costs are €3.95 within Austria, €4.95 to Germany, €5.95 to Switzerland and Liechtenstein and between €13.95 and €17.95 to other EU countries.

The orders usually reach their destination within one to two working days in Austria, two to three working days in Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein and up to 10 working days to the other EU countries.


User reviews

Hanafsan features a rating for each of its products on its website, but it does not feature reviews. This means that you can tell whether previous clients enjoyed a product or not, but you can’t read what they liked or didn’t like about each product.

The company is also listed on third-party review platforms like Trustpilot. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t have a lot of reviews. However, the existing reviews are overwhelmingly positive, and Hanafsan has a rating of 4.4 out of 5.


Final thoughts on Hanafsan

Hanafsan is a good CBD manufacturer. The company makes its products following the highest standards available for the agricultural and pharmaceutical sectors using only organic, non-GMO hemp that’s legal across Europe.

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Thanks to its good variety of food products, Hanafsan is a great choice for those who are health-oriented and want to include hemp in their daily diets, whether as CBD or as other dietary supplements.

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