CBD Online Shop Review: HempElf

As the European cannabidiol (CBD) industry grows, it can be more difficult to find reputable, trustworthy CBD shops to buy from.

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Strain Insider wants to make your buying process safer and easier, so we decided to review the best CBD online shops in Europe. You can find our last review here. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at a leading UK-based CBD shop, HempElf.


HempElf company overview

HempElf is a leading UK-based CBD shop from Hertford. The company was incorporated in 2017, and it’s been growing ever since. One of the first things you should know about this brand is that it only uses top-grade EIHA EU-certified hemp strains that contain less than 0.2 percent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) to make its products.

Besides CBD products, the company also offers all the hardware and accessories you would need to consume them, such as grinders, rolling papers, vaporizers, cleaning kits and more.

HempElf’s online shop offers a wide range of products, including some made by other manufacturers.


HempElf website

HempElf has a simple website that’s very easy to navigate. The website is in English, so it’s friendly to international shoppers. You can use the website’s search feature to find your favourite products, or you can browse different product categories, such as vaping, herb, concentrates, CBD oils, edibles, capsules and more.

One of the things that makes HempElf’s website stand out is the fact that it offers CBD herb, a popular product that can be difficult to find on European websites.

The online shop also offers CBD-related hardware and accessories. Cannabis enthusiasts can find vape pens, vaporisers, cleaning tools, grinders, rolling paper, dabbing tools, torches, storage containers, and more tools and accessories that can improve their experience.

HempElf runs regular promotions, so you should check out its website from time to time or subscribe to its newsletter if you’re looking for a bargain. The website also features a ‘Deals section where you can explore all the discounted articles available.


HempElf products

HempElf offers a wide variety of products. The company’s products are made out of high-quality hemp sourced from regulated EU farms. HempElf produces and sells its own CBD flower and CBD hash. The company collaborates with other brands to offer CBD oil, edibles, topicals and more.

All of the products featured on HempElf’s website are curated and made from top-notch industrial hemp in GMP grade facilities.

HempElf is one of the leading CBD flower sellers in Europe. Its CBD flower is sourced from industrial hemp that has a THC concentration lower than 0.2 percent, which makes it legal in the UK and EU.

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The hemp is cultivated under government licences in Switzerland and Italy, and it’s processed in a machine chopper that breaks it down into small pieces.

There are 14 different flavours of CBD flower to choose from. You can go for popular options, such as the Strawberry Kush, or you can experiment with new flavours, such as Chocolope. The CBD flower sold by HempElf contains at least 8 percent CBD, with most strains containing 13 percent CBD.

We really enjoyed its Lemon Skunk flower. It was relaxing and tasty, with a very good aroma and flavour to it. The buds were compact and not flaky, and the smell was nice and fragrant. Really tasty lemony goodness that we recommend to all CBD enthusiasts.

Another item that stands out among HelpElf’s products is its CBD hash. There are six types of CBD hash available on the website. The hash has a CBD concentration of 22 percent, which makes it stronger than the flower.

We appreciated HempElf’s Nepal Cream hash. The product smells and tastes amazing, and it’s super sticky. The hash is soft, squidgy, oily and it packs quite a formidable punch. Given the product’s strength, we recommend it to experienced CBD users.

New to CBD flower and spliff rolling? No problem, HempElf has the right products for you. You can buy pre-rolled spliffs to see if you’d enjoy smoking CBD before ordering flower. There are six CBD pre-roll flavours to choose from, all of them tasty and effective.


Payment and delivery

HempElf accepts Visa and Mastercard on its website. Users can also opt to pay via bank transfer on the checkout page. At the moment, HempElf is unable to accept payments via Paypal or American Express cards.

The CBD shop offers free delivery for orders over £65 (approx €76). Orders are shipped via Royal Mail from Monday to Friday. Orders placed before 15:00 (GMT) are usually shipped within the same day. Customers within the UK generally receive their orders within two to four business days.

Orders to mainland Europe are shipped via Royal Mail International and may take up to 10 days to arrive. International orders to North America, the Middle East and Africa may take up to two weeks to arrive.

Being a UK-based brand, HempElf’s international shipping time was affected by Brexit. As a result, orders to EU countries may be subject to customs and clearance checks, which can increase their transit time.


User reviews

HempElf features a review section for all of its products. Most of the reviews are positive, but if you want to check out unbiased reviews, you can find them on multiple third-party review websites.

HempElf is one of the most popular CBD shops in the UK, and it’s also a highly-rated one. At the time of writing, HempElf has an excellent rating of 4.4/5 out of 2,200+ ratings on Trustpilot.


Final thoughts on HempElf

HempElf is a great CBD shop. The featured products have a high quality and are not expensive, the customer service is good and the delivery times are decent.

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The company’s website is easy to navigate, and international shoppers can place their orders with ease. HempElf is one of the best shops for CBD flower enthusiasts, as these products can be difficult to find in Europe.

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