CBD Online Shop Review: Hempoil

New cannabidiol (CBD) shops are entering the market every week, so it can be difficult to find a good, reliable CBD shop in Europe. Strain Insider decided to make it easier for you to find high-quality CBD products, so we decided to review the top CBD shops in Europe.

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You can find our latest review here. Today, we’re taking a closer look at the first official CBD shop in Greece, Hempoil.


Hempoil company overview

Hempoil, legally registered as Hempoil Natural Products, was the first legal cannabis brand to open in Greece back in 2016. The company is a collaborator of the Italian-Dutch brand Enecta, one of the most renowned brands operating in the cannabis industry.

Being the first CBD company in Greece, the brand gained a strong foothold in the country, where it now runs several franchise branches of retail stores across the country. At the same time, the business also supplies bioproducts stores and drug stores with cannabis oils and other legal cannabis products.

Hempoil collaborates with universities, medical associations and scientific companies to promote the research and knowledge about the healing properties of the cannabis plant.

The brand currently employs hundreds of scientists and collaborates with many partners within Greece and abroad to promote the benefits of cannabis as an economic asset. Hempoil is able to do so because it’s involved in the entire life cycle of the plant — cultivation, processing, retail and research.


Hempoil website

Hempoil has a nice-looking website that’s easy to navigate. The website is displayed in both Greek and English, meaning that it’s friendly toward international shoppers. Further, the website is neatly separated into multiple sections, so it won’t be difficult to find what you’re looking for.

It also has a search feature that enables you to hone in on a product, and it features a Stores page, so you can easily find the nearest shop if you want to visit one in person.

Besides a webshop, the website also features a blog section that’s full of helpful information about CBD and other cannabinoids, as well as an informative section that explains how CBD helps, how the endocannabinoid system works, how to take CBD and more.

The shop is nicely organised, so you can browse it with ease. You can view each product category separately to find the right product for your needs. The shop offers everything you’d expect from a CBD store: CBD oil, vape liquids, edibles, topicals, pet products, flowers, accessories and more.

One of the things we liked about Hemopoil’s website is that it makes it extremely easy to find discounted products by grouping all of them under the Sales page. You can visit the page from time to time if you’re looking for a bargain.

Additionally, the website runs a newsletter that keeps you up to date with new products, discounts, brand news and more.


Hempoil products

Hempoil is a CBD manufacturer and seller. The company makes its CBD products in processing facilities that are HACCP certified and meet the most demanding international standards for the cannabis industry.

The company oversees the entire production chain, from planting to processing, testing and selling, to ensure that the end result is a high-quality product.

All the crops used in the production process are 100 percent organic and grown to GMP organic certification standards. Further, they are hand-harvested at precisely the right moment to make sure that they are rich in non-psychoactive cannabinoids and low in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

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Hempoil uses supercritical CO2 extraction to make sure that the final product is rich in active components, such as cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids.

Over the last few years, the company partnered with one of the leading CBD producing companies in Europe, Enecta, to make sure that all of its products meet and exceed the highest quality and safety standards for its clients.

Hempoil also sells some products made by other renowned European CBD brands, such as CBD420, Absolute Weed, High Life, Sensi Seeds, Endoca, Elixinol and others.

One of the products we enjoyed was the Blue Dream Terpenes 500 mg CBD Wax. This wax is made out of 80 percent CBD, 10 percent cannabigerol (CBG) and 10 percent terpenes. The product is made with supercritical CO2 technology, so it doesn’t contain traces of solvents. The product is also free of THC and has a strong flavour.


Payment and delivery

Hempoil’s entire website uses SSL encryption, so your data is always protected. The website accepts payments via credit card, wire transfer or cash on delivery within Greece.

You can pick up your order from one of Hempoil’s stores for free. All orders placed until 15:00 local time are shipped on the same day. The company offers free shipping for orders over €29 within Greece, local orders that don’t reach this value are charged €3 for delivery.

Shipping outside of Greece costs €7 for packages of up to 0.5 kg, €12 for packages of up to 2 kg and €25 for packages over 2 kg but under 5 kg.

Shipping to Cyprus takes about four to five days. Within Europe, shipping takes four to seven days, and to the rest of the world, it takes about eight to 12 business days.


User reviews

Unfortunately, Hempoil doesn’t feature individual reviews for its products, so you can’t find out which of the company’s products is a public favourite.

We also couldn’t find the company on any renowned third-party review apps.


Final Thoughts on Hempoil

Hempoil is a leading CBD seller in Greece. The company makes its own products and collaborates with some of Europe’s largest CBD producers to offer a wide selection of goods you can choose from.

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Based on the company’s wide reach in Greece and its experience in the CBD industry, we recommend this CBD shop, especially to all cannabis enthusiasts in Greece.

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