CBD Online Shop Review: Nordic Med Can

Finding high-quality, legal cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) products in Europe can be difficult. There are a lot of phoney companies out there that would like nothing more than to take your money and deliver an unregulated, bad product to make a quick profit.

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In an attempt to make your CBD buying process safer and easier, Strain Insider decided to review Europe’s top online CBD shops. You can find our latest review here. Today, we’re reviewing one of the best CBD shops in Northern Europe, the Swedish shop Nordic Med Can


Nordic Med Can company overview

Nordic Med Can is a Swedish company that was founded back in 2016. The company had a long and difficult journey to become one of the best cannabis suppliers in Sweden. It was raided by the police, its website was shut down, banks and insurance companies avoided working with it, and more. Following the Swedish Supreme Court’s ruling in 2019, the company focused on delivering high-quality hemp products.

Nordic Med Can currently offers one of Sweden’s largest selection of EU-approved industrial hemp. The company works closely with local farmers to ensure that the products are safe and comply with national and European standards.

Nordic Med Can also started subsidiaries in Norway and Lithuania. The Norwegian subsidiary is still waiting for Norway’s politicians to approve the bill that approves cannabis products containing less than 0.2 percent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) as dietary supplements or food. The Lithuanian subsidiary, on the other hand, focuses on cultivating, manufacturing and selling hemp as a dietary supplement locally and to other EU countries.

The company only sells organic, non-GMO products that are grown and processed in Northern Europe. Nordic Med Can is licensed to sell hemp as food and dietary supplements, and its production facility in Falköping is licensed and approved as a food production facility. All the products are 100 percent legal to own and use, and they come with lab tests.


Nordic Med Can website

Nordic Med Can’s website looks great. It has an intuitive design that makes it easy to navigate and you can find the products you’re looking for quickly with the help of the search bar. Unfortunately, the website is not natively available in English, so it’s not very friendly to international customers.

The website is rich in information, and you can find out everything there is to know about the legality of hemp in Sweden, the different types of hemp products the company sells, and more. The online shop is neatly divided into multiple categories, so you can sort through the products and browse only the products you’re interested in.

Nordic Med Can runs regular promotions that offer considerable discounts. You can find out when a product is on sale by subscribing to the company’s newsletter, following the company on Instagram or by checking out its Offers and Packages section.


Nordic Med Can products

The first thing you should know about Nordic Med Can is that the company doesn’t sell traditional CBD products. This means that you won’t find products like CBD oil, but you will find CBD topicals or CBD capsules. However, the company sells hemp that has a high CBD content, which is basically the main ingredient for all CBD products.

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All of the company’s products go through simple processing in which the hemp’s leaves and flowers are separated from its seeds and twigs. Other than that, you’re getting the raw, organic original product. No additives, no harmful chemicals, no added flavours. Just 100 percent natural hemp that’s rich in cannabinoids, antioxidants and terpenes.

You get all the cannabinoids you would find in CBD oil, but in larger quantities, and at a lower price.

At the moment, Nordic Med Can sells a wide variety of premium products. We recommend examining all of its products, especially its whole buds without seeds, chopped hemp buds, flowers and leaves as well as trichomes.

One product category that got our attention was the one promoting its sample packages. These packages enable you to test seven different varieties of whole buds or 12 different varieties of chopped hemp buds, whole buds and trichomes without breaking the bank. In fact, given the current price of a sample package, and the high CBD content of Nordic Med Can’s hemp, buying a sample package is very cost-effective, and you receive a lot of CBD for your money.

Besides cannabis and cannabis-based products, such as capsules and topicals, the company also sells cannabis-related accessories, such as vaporizers, storage containers, grinders and more.


Payment and delivery

Nordic Med Can accepts direct card payment on its website. You can use Visa or Mastercard to pay. The company also accepts payment via Swish and Invoice.

The company offers free shipping for purchases over SEK 700 in Sweden. Shipping costs to other countries vary and can be seen at checkout. All orders placed before 13:30 (GMT+2) are shipped on the same day.


User reviews

Nordic Med Can features user reviews for its products directly on its website. Even though a few products haven’t been reviewed by customers yet, most have, and the vast majority of reviews are positive.


Final thoughts on Nordic Med Can

Nordic Med Can is a reputable company that went through a lot to become one of the leading legal cannabis suppliers in Sweden. But the company is now branching out to Norway and Lithuania, trying to make its high-quality products available to more European customers, which is definitely good news.

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Unfortunately, the company’s website is in Swedish, so it’s not very easy to navigate for international users who plan to travel to Sweden or are already there. We’re excited to learn what the future holds for Nordic Med Can.

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