12 Female Cannabis Entrepreneurs and Influencers in Europe

12 Female Cannabis Entrepreneurs and Influencers in Europe

The European cannabis industry is on the rise, and women play an active role in its increasing popularity. Let’s take a look at some of the most important female cannabis entrepreneurs and influencers in Europe.

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1.     Dr. Dani Gordon

Dr. Dani Gordon is a certified medical doctor and an expert in clinical cannabinoid medicine. She treated thousands of patients in Canada, where she led a medical practice specialising in neurological disorders, chronic pain and mental health conditions.

In 2018, Dr. Gordon moved to London, where she developed an online program that trains physicians in cannabis medicine. She also helped set up the first cannabis medicine clinics in the UK, and she is now the vice-chair of the Medical Cannabis Clinics Society.


2.     Laure Bouguen

Laure Bouguen is an entrepreneur, a spokesperson and a cannabis activist from France. She is the founder of the first cannabis beauty brand in France, HO KARAN. HO KARAN is now being stocked by large retailers in Europe, such as Sephora and Nature & Découvertes.

Laure’s goal is to share the virtues of cannabis with the world. She is the spokesperson for the ‘Syndicat professionel du chanvre bien-être’ — an organisation that supports the regulation of hemp laws in France. The organisation is made up of producers, processors and distributors and focuses on the legality of the hemp flower.


3.     Rebekah Shaman

Rebekah Shaman is an author, an activist, a holistic health believer and an entrepreneur based in the UK. Rebekah is an educator that speaks about the importance of cannabis in medicine as well as nutrition and she runs a private shamanic practice.

Rebekah is also a chair of the British Hemp Association, a non-profit organisation that is lobbying to remove the political barriers which prohibit people from growing their own hemp in the UK.


4.     Callie Blackwell

Callie Blackwell is an activist and a holistic lifestyle advocate from the UK. She is a published author and one of the leading cannabis activists in Europe. Callie’s son was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2010, and then with sarcoma 18 months later. At that point, Callie embarked on a journey that taught her the complexities of diet, nutrition and holistic medicine.

After witnessing her son’s recovery, Callie dedicated her life to helping other people. She works closely with non-profit organisations that aim to help people access cannabis for medical treatments.


5.     Jasmin Thomas

Jasmin Thomas is an entrepreneur and a cannabis activist. Jasmin was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2015, and she started using cannabis to ease some of the frustrating symptoms of her disease.

Jasmin wanted to help other people suffering from the same disease, so she founded Ohana CBD, a CBD skincare company. Her company’s products contain special formulations that improve several of the conditions brought on by multiple sclerosis.

In 2018, Jasmin helped to create the entOURage Network, an organisation that aims to provide a platform that allows Europeans to explore Europe’s legal cannabis market.


6.     Catherine Wilson

Catherine Wilson is the managing director of CannaWell, one of the largest hemp and CBD companies in the UK. Catherine is also a board member of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA).

Catherine has an environmental background that fuels her passion to revive hemp as the major agricultural crop in Europe. According to her, bringing back hemp would reduce the pollution of the environment and would contribute to the creation of a decarbonised economy.


7.     Patricia Amiguet

Patricia Amiguet is a Spanish feminist, activist and anti-prohibitionist. She became involved in the cannabis movement in 2011 when she founded the Cannabis Association of Autoconsum Pachamama.

Then, Patricia co-founded the Anti-Prohibitionist Women’s Network Association and became the president of the Federation of Cannabis Associations of Catalonia. Patricia is fighting for the legalisation of cannabis as well as for women’s rights in the cannabis industry.


8.     Rebekah Hall

Rebekah Hall is an ex-banker turned entrepreneur. In 2015, Rebekah founded Botanic Lab, a brand that changed the social drinking landscape by changing what stereotypical ‘health drinks’ look like.

Botanic Lab took the health drinks market segment by storm with products such as Performance Juices, Grown Up Milkshakes and Hotshots.

In 2018, Botanic Labs launched Dutch Courage, the first CBD-infused beverage to enter the UK market. In 2019, Rebekah launched a second CBD product called Mellowdrama.


9.     Lorenza Romanese

Lorenza Romanese is a member of the European Industrial Hemp Association. Lorenza strives to defend and represent the industrial hemp sector within the EU’s institutions.

Lately, Lorenza is focusing on hot topics, such as convincing the EU to increase the legal tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels to 0.3 percent. This measure should reduce the competitive disadvantage European growers have when facing Swiss, Asian or North American producers.


10. Farida Hussain

Farida Hussain is based in Spain and acts as the Director of International Business Development for KushCo Holdings, a publicly-traded cannabis company. One of the company’s brands is Kush Supply Co., one of the largest producers of vaporizer products, accessories and supplies in the world.

In her role, Farida is directly involved in the company’s growth and interacts with a broad spectrum of individuals operating in the cannabis business space.


11. Anne van Leynseele

Anne van Leynseele is a cannabis attorney. Anne works with different states and cannabis clients and advises them on matters of governance, compliance, asset management and import as well as export matters.

Anne also counsels her clients on the shifting cannabis policies as they develop around the world. She is a world-leading expert in cannabis-related legal matters, and she collaborated with several Fortune 100 companies.


12. Mila Jansen

Mila Jansen is a scientist, an author and a cannabis activist. Mila invented the first mechanical method to separate the trichomes from the rest of the cannabis plant.  In 1994, Mila created bags that would separate the trichomes without using solvents. Later, she would invent the Bubbleator, a small washing machine with the same purpose.

Thanks to her contribution to trichome separation, Mila is also known as the Hash Queen. Nowadays, she organises a cannabis event called Dab-A-Doo.


Final Thoughts

According to the Dutch bank Rabobank, women prefer cannabis over alcohol. The women operating in the European cannabis industry are creating a sophisticated market that will benefit all European consumers.




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