HØJ KLIP Grinder Review — Welcome to The New High!

We had the honour to review the brand new HØJ KLIP premium cannabis grinder before it is released to the public. In our Gadget Review series, we showcase useful and quality of life-improving gadgets that could potentially improve your cannabis use and health.

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Grinders have a pretty long track record, as they were initially invented primarily for tobacco and other herbs over a century ago. And this is exactly the problem; although grinders are more or less exclusively known in the cannabis space, they were never intended to be used with cannabis.

Traditional grinders crush the herb, which destroys the structure of the cannabis flowers’ trichomes, resulting in less potent flowers and dirty grinders.

And this is exactly where the HØJ KLIP steps in to solve this problem: its blades are designed to preserve the trichomes’ structure to ensure maximum potency and a more fluffy herb, which results in a better smoking experience.

The HØJ KLIP grinder is designed exclusively for cannabis and, therefore, it doesn’t crush the herb. Instead, the custom-built dual-blades finely slice through it, creating a much fluffier consistency that burns more evenly.

This also protects the integrity of the crystals, resulting in a more potent experience with the exact same herb. This is at least what the nine pending patents that are used for this grinder intend to achieve.

Before we analyse whether theory matches practical reality, we will first take a look at the grinder and its packaging.

Size and portability10/10
User experience9.5/10
Overall quality10/10
Final rating9.3/10

Buy the HØJ KLIP cannabis grinder from the official HØJ website.


The packaging

When it comes to packaging, a product can either be packed to make sure that it arrives at your address unscathed or it can give you a true unboxing experience.


In this case, HØJ decided to go provide a nice unboxing experience, while also ensuring that the product arrives at your place undamaged. The grinder came covered in cork instead of foam material because it is recyclable and environmentally friendly.

HØJ mini grinder

Furthermore, the parts of the grinder are covered in cork as well. When you unbox the package, it feels like a mystery box. Every part of the cork covers another part of the grinder, which makes the whole unboxing experience more exciting.



HØJ mini grinder KLIP


The HØJ KLIP mini cannabis grinder is made from anodised, recyclable aluminium, polished brass, stainless steel and rare-earth magnets and then packaged in cork and biodegradable plastics.

The grinder feels extremely sophisticated when you hold it in your hand, and it has a very nice centre of gravity. It feels nothing like a traditional grinder; it feels more like a high-tech gadget.

Furthermore, we did some crash tests and let the grinder drop down from a height of 1.50 m three times. It survived without experiencing functional damage but had a minor scratch afterwards. Honestly, it felt very bad to crash this premium gadget on purpose.


Size and portability

Despite its heavy weight, which the grinder has due to the aluminium, stainless steel and magnets that are used in it, the KLIP mini grinder is extremely handy and fits in every pocket.

The dimensions of the KLIP mini are as follows: Height: 44 mm (1.7”); Diameter: Ø55 mm (2.1”). The bigger version comes with the following dimensions: Height: 57 mm (2.2”); Diameter: Ø66 mm (2.6”). Therefore, the KLIP mini is comparatively small.

As every part can be removed or added with a magnetic clip system, you can either go for a very small version of your KLIP mini or you can use more parts, making the grinder slightly bigger.

KLIP mini grinder

As seen in the example above, the first variation uses an extra kief chamber, while the second one only uses a normal chamber without a kief filter. Last but not least, the third variation comes with a transfer funnel, which is used to transport the ground herb directly to your vaporiser, bong or joint, without leaving a mess.


Every part can be separately bought on the official HØJ website if you lose or damage a piece. Also, you can swap the plate underneath the blades to define the size of your ground herb.

You can either go for big parts or small parts, or even microscopic parts. Furthermore, the KLIP mini comes with a life-long warranty.

User experience

Now, while all this sounds truly incredible, most cannabis consumers only care about one thing: the user experience! So, without further ado, we will now analyse the grinder from a costumer’s point of view.

First of all, YES, the design is amazing and a true eye-catcher. That being said, we want the grinder to fulfil its job. We want it to make the cannabis flowers smaller so that they are ready for consumption.

When you use the grinder, you instantly notice the fact that rotating the grinder to cut the weed works extremely smoothly and without any resistance. However, due to the design of the blades, which preserves the herb’s potency and creates a fluffier consistency, it takes longer to grind the herb than with a traditional grinder.

As soon as the herb is fully ground, it lands in the bottom chamber and leaves almost no crumbs of the weed inside the blade chamber. We noticed that the grinder leaves significantly fewer pollen grains and weed crumbs in the grinder, as almost every single microgram ends up in the final, bottom chamber.

This leaves your grinder much cleaner and better suited for transportation (especially in countries where cannabis is illegal).

The parts of the KLIP grinder can easily be added, switched and removed. Everything works seamlessly due to its magnetic functions.

But the most interesting thing about this grinder is that it promises to leave your ground herb more potent and with a better burning sensation. Especially when it comes to smoking pure cannabis in a blunt, cannabis flowers often do not burn that evenly.

While we were very sceptical about the promised claims of the KLIP mini, we can confirm that the weed did indeed burn more evenly and smoothly. Also, we tested if we could indeed achieve a stronger high from the same amount of weed from the same strain.

We asked several cannabis consumers to smoke one strain on three different days. On the first and third day, we used the KLIP mini to process the herb, while we used a traditional grinder on the second day. Of course, we did not tell the cannabis consumers anything about the grinders.

Interestingly enough, the consumers reported that they were extraordinarily high on the first day. On the second day, they said that they are not as high as they were the first time. On the third day of the experiment, consumers, once again, stated that they were remarkably high.

Although this might be a coincidence, and we lack the technological understanding to estimate if the technology of the KLIP mini does indeed increase tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) potency, we came to the conclusion that the high from the weed seems to be more “extensive” when using the grinder; and it feels like you consumed a bigger spectrum of cannabinoids.

Although we do not know whether this effect comes from the blades or not, we can certainly conclude that the fact that there is way less weed remaining in the grinder might result in a better high by itself.

In addition, all parts of the grinder can be easily cleaned with water.



The rather high price of the HØJ KLIP is legitimated by its design, materials and quality as well as its pleasant user experience and its environmentally friendly design. Furthermore, it comes with useful gadgets, and every piece can be replaced and bought again, in addition to the life-long warranty of the grinder itself.

After all, this grinder is not just a high-quality premium grinder. Its prestigious design and perfect centre of gravity make this grinder provide a high-end user experience.

While it might be out of budget for the regular cannabis consumer, it is certainly the perfect gift for daily and or medical cannabis consumers, who want to have a beautifully designed grinder, while ensuring the maximum THC potency and leaving the smallest possible ecological footprint.

Buy the HØJ KLIP grinder from the official HØJ website.

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