HØJ KØL Cannabis Pipe: Gadget Review

Today, we are going to review the HØJ KØL cannabis pipe, which is a pipe not only for pipe-lovers but also for those who don’t like regular marijuana pipes. In our Gadget Review series, we showcase useful and quality of life-improving gadgets that could potentially improve your cannabis use and health.

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Pipes have been around for a very long time, and they have been used to smoke cannabis, tobacco or other herbs for centuries. Pipe smoking is considered the oldest traditional form of smoking and has its place in many cultures across the globe.

However, in the recent past, regular pipes have declined in popularity. Sure, thanks to the cannabis boom that the western world is experiencing, the popularity of glass pipes has been on the rise, but, in general, fewer people use pipes today.

And that shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, there have been many product advancements that provide smoother smoking experiences than a regular pipe. Nowadays, there are all kinds of different filters, papers, bongs, vaporizers and more.

But pipes still have their place. They are easy to use, and they are very portable. That being said, many people prefer other smoking methods because pipes usually produce very harsh smoke and, thus, aren’t as enjoyable as other options.

And this is where HØJ steps in with its KØL cannabis pipe. The KØL and the KØL mini provide users with a very smooth smoking experience thanks to the pioneering, patent-pending micro-channel design that HØJ came up with.

This design, which is inspired by the scales of the Mako shark, mechanically strips heat from the herb and smoke, and it requires no water at all to do so. Combined with the included stainless steel filter, this results in a significantly smoother smoking experience and prevents excessive coughing.

The shape of the KØL cannabis pipe forces incoming air into a vortex to trap impurities at a far higher proportion than other marijuana pipes. So, to get back to the Mako shark, the KØL basically works like a set of gills.

Now, before we get into the details, let’s first take a look at the packaging that the HØJ KØL cannabis pipe comes in.

Size and portability8/10
User experience10/10
Overall quality10/10
Final rating9.2/10

Buy the HØJ KØL cannabis pipe on the official HØJ website.


The packaging

The packaging clearly shows that HØJ is aiming for longevity. Not only is the marijuana pipe itself made to last, but the packaging is also made out of sustainable materials.

HØJ KØL cannabis pipe marijuana pipes weed premium smoking

The KØL is made from recyclable aluminium, and the packaging it comes in is made of cork, which is anti-bacterial, flame retardant and 100 percent renewable, as well as biodegradable plastics.



The HØJ KØL cannabis pipe is made of anodised, recyclable aluminium and rare-earth magnets. This, combined with the design, gives the pipe a very premium feel. Further, it comes with three titanium coated stainless steel filters.

As stated before, the packaging of the marijuana pipe is made up of cork and biodegradable plastics.

Now, even though HØJ offers a lifetime warranty since it is very convinced of the quality of its product and the materials it uses, it does not take responsibility for drops above three metres or the demagnetisation of magnets due to the induction of electricity, extreme heating or corrosion damage due to excessive time submerged in water.


Size and portability

The ergonomic design of the KØL cannabis pipe is quite pleasing to look at and it feels good to hold it. It also doesn’t scream ‘pipe’.

The HØJ KØL comes in two sizes. The regular KØL, which costs $100, comes in at a length of 15 cm (5.9”), and the KØL mini, which can be bought for $80, is just 11.3 cm (4.4”) long.


User experience

Now that the facts are out of the way, let’s get to the most important part, the user experience. Thanks to its cooling and filtering technologies, the HØJ KØL cannabis pipe provides an extremely pleasant and smooth smoking experience — you will barely even notice that you are inhaling smoke.

Just like HØJ promises, the thermo-conductive cooling and the vortex cooling actually cool down the smoke. Further, the herb chamber has the perfect size.

Once you are done smoking, the KØL cannabis pipe can easily be disassembled and cleaned. Just pull apart the two magnetic halves and wipe it down or wash it in your sink, like you would with a pan or a pot.

Then, once the KØL is dry, just snap it back together and go at it again.

Most regular pipes are a hassle to clean and need to be replaced regularly. Not the KØL. The KØL is made to last, and it shows at every point.



The HØJ KØL cannabis pipe is perfect for pipe-lovers who want to step up their pipe game or simply don’t want to burden the environment by having to buy a new marijuana pipe every few months.

But this cannabis pipe is also a good product for those who don’t like regular pipes because their smoke is too harsh or because cleaning them is too much of a hassle. The HØJ KØL cannabis pipe covers all bases and is definitely worth checking out.

Buy the HØJ KØL cannabis pipe on the official HØJ website.

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