How CBD Oil is Conquering Europe

When taking a look at very recent headlines about the cannabis market, the CBD market often stands out as one of the most promising industries. Both the financial prospects as well as the health benefits have ignited a substantial trend that does not seem to be coming to an end in foreseeable future.

The latest news around the sector shed light on a new situation in the cannabis market in Europe, which is currently flourishing as never before. According to European CEO, a popular print and online magazine, Europe is currently experiencing huge leaps in terms of demand for CBD infused products, particularly CBD oil.

But what is behind this energetic movement that seems to be conquering our planet step by step?


Benefits of CBD oil

While CBD is arguably not a wonder medicine, there are still several studies and reports which are claiming that CBD has successfully treated conditions like chronic pain, anxiety, depression and migraine as well as diseases like epilepsy, Crohn’s disease and others.

However, apart from its medical features, CBD is also gaining popularity as a lifestyle and wellness product. Due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-psychotic effects, CBD can not only treat various conditions but it also has the ability to potentially increase your focus and concentration.

Considering the very few side effects that exist, the World Health Organization previously declared CBD as a substance that does not need to be controlled. Furthermore, since CBD does not have any mind-altering characteristics, it is highly digestible for the vast majority of humans.


Reakiro – a prime CBD manufacturer in Europe

Reakiro, a company that is among the best CBD oil producers in Europe, has recently started a new approach to crafting high-quality CBD products. The company is working with a farm in order to make sure that it supplies only the best quality hemp-derived products to its customers. Reakiro selected the best flower strains for cultivation, chose the region with the most favorable climate, namely Poland, and went on to find the most experienced professionals in Europe to create products of the highest quality.

The founding of Reakiro was preceded by a group of hemp enthusiasts deciding to create more than just a business. A product that would actually help and benefit people. Having studied the needs and issues, it became obvious that the main point is health, as well as a healthy sleep and relaxation.

Over the last decade, sports and fitness in general have become an increasingly popular part of the way of life. Understanding the needs of people from every corner of the world, Reakiro’s specialists decided on starting a full cycle production of CBD oil.


Reakiro CBD oil

The European CBD manufacturer is particularly proud of its CBD oil, which is solely made from environmentally friendly raw materials to create the purest and finest CBD oil. The precious formula has been crafted by some of the best hemp experts in the EU. The company also bets on technological advancements, as the full cycle of production is conducted using the latest high-tech equipment, eliminating human failure during the process.

Unlike many other CBD concentrates, Reakiro’s CBD Oil is a full spectrum oil produced from the highest quality industrial hemp cultivated and certified in the EU. It operates a registered facility in the European Union which is in line with HACCP, GMP and food production guidelines, and it has also been tested by independent third-party laboratories.

Another crucial step of Reakiro’s in-house CBD production is the use of novel organic extraction methods to guarantee purity without any chemical solvents. All products are tested by independent registered third-party laboratories at each stage of production. Reakiro has full control over the production process, from buying seeds to cultivating and harvesting the plants, as well as the extraction, refinement and packaging of the product.


What the future holds

Although the popularity of cannabidiol and cannabis products in general has already heavily increased, there are currently no signs of an upcoming slowdown. In fact, several well-known corporations are currently eyeing an involvement with CBD products.

Jelly Beans, for instance, has recently announced to be working on CBD-infused candy that is expected to be available in supermarkets and candy shops in the very near future.

Moreover, there are currently rumors that Starbucks might be the first big franchise that could offer CBD-infused drinks throughout the USA and Canada. If companies like Starbucks and Jelly Beans are indeed introducing product lines with cannabidiol, one can only imagine how popular CBD is going to become.

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