Smart Cannabis Gadgets: A New Trend?

In 2018, medical cannabis is estimated to have formed an industry north of $4.5 billion in the U.S. There are currently millions of medical patients that rely on high-quality marijuana as a treatment or cure for their injuries and diseases. Cannabis flowers and products need to be stored in a perfect environment. If not stored correctly, the precious medicine might turn into a draconian hazard, as recent reports from Toronto show.

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The Israel-based startup Go On Green aims to tackle this and many other issues by building the world’s first “Smart Medical Cannabis Storage Hub,” also known as Kassi. Strain Insider talked about smart cannabis gadgets and how they transform the medical marijuana space with Ido Havilio, CEO of Go On Green and inventor of Kassi.


Strain Insider: What is Kassi? Please explain the key features of it and what you find the most important.

Kassi is the world’s first smart cannabis storage hub. It is the only holistic solution out there for cannabis consumers, answering multiple physical and digital needs. Kassi keeps cannabis at optimal humidity and temperature levels to ensure longevity and to keep potency. It has a uniquely developed electric grinder that minimizes the damage to the trichomes, which is the part of the plant that is holding all of the wonderful cannabinoids, and also a kief collector to catch the trichomes that fall through during the grinding. On top of that, it has a digital scale and a built-in sensor which communicate all the information to the Kassi app. 

Using the Kassi app, consumers can track real-time information about their cannabis, like the current humidity, temperature and quantity. The scale tells consumers about their consumption, so they can completely automate the process of dosage tracking, and Kassi can show a complete consumption history by day, week or month.

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Because Kassi keeps accurate tracking of your consumption, you can set it to remind you to repurchase when you reach a certain quantity. It has voice-activated capabilities via Siri and Alexa, using these, Kassi users can then simply navigate to their dispensary to easily purchase via the buy now button. Kassi can also show you nearby dispensaries carrying your preferred strain, or give you recommendations about similar ones.

In short, Kassi delivers a complete end-to-end solution that ranges from tracking to consuming and then re-ordering cannabis. All in order to enjoy it at the optimal freshness and potency.


Strain Insider: Why should I buy Kassi and who might be interested in it?

You should buy Kassi if you want to have a completely new cannabis consumption experience, at the highest level. Pretty much anyone who wants to ensure that he or she is getting the most out of their cannabis, meaning the highest potency, freshness, aroma and longevity. But it is also interesting for all consumers that like to have all of their needs met in one place, instead of dealing with the hassle of buying multiple products, manually entering data in apps or contacting multiple dispensaries and searching for information.


Strain Insider: How long did it take to develop Kassi? Who was involved in it?

It took about 10 months to develop Kassi. The industrial design & engineering studio I worked with is Arkeit. They are also the ones who were involved in developing leaf, the auto-growing system for cannabis. Around 4 million USD was involved in that project, and this studio has definitely become a leader in the cannabis field.


Strain Insider: Which materials have been used to design Kassi and why are they beneficial for storing cannabis flowers?

All materials are medical grade and GMP manufactured. We have materials that prevent static electricity and UV ray entry. Both are vital for the protection of the trichomes, which is the part of the plant holding the cannabinoids that we want to protect.

Apart from these two materials, the other materials are not as important as the conditions, like the temperature and the humidity, inside the box,  because these have the highest effect on the quality and potency. Kassi keeps the humidity at optimal levels, and the built-in sensor monitors all conditions in real-time. This is also why the Internet of Things (IoT) connection is so important, as the temperature can not be adjusted but can easily be changed by placing Kassi in a different room or away from windows, to ensure that the optimal temperature is kept.


Strain Insider: Are there any businesses building something similar? Do you see devices like Kassi trending in the future?

IoT is a global trend and a major part of today’s consumer tech needs. You can see this from all major tech companies, like Amazon, Apple and Google, investing in smart technologies. There is an abundance of products and information out there, but people are becoming more limited in time and attention, so they seek convenience and efficiency. They move towards smart devices with multiple capabilities, communicating with them from a distance, no matter where they are. So yes, I do believe Kassi is the first in a new generation of smart, voice-activated devices in the cannabis world, and this is a trend that is only going to grow in the future.


Strain Insider: When and where will Kassi be available?

Kassi is already available for Pre-order on our website at a discount. We did this to allow early adopters to get the product at a favorable rate and also as an alternative to crowdsourcing to raise money. Kassi should hit the stores at around the end of Q2 2019. Right now we are in contact with dispensaries and large online aggregators.


Strain Insider: What’s next for your business? Are you attending any upcoming events? Any closing thoughts?

Yes, we will be showing our products at several expos in the U.S. and Canada during 2019, including the Lift&Co. Expo in Vancouver in January and the Cannabis cup in Southern CA in March. The idea is to eliminate the stigma around cannabis and to put it in the center of the house as an all in one cannabis unit that gives you everything that you need to make the most out of your flowers, with minimum effort.

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We are looking to continue developing Kassi, adding more cool features to the app and building back-offices to dispensaries, to be able to offer coupons and deals to their customers. We are also looking to add curing options as well as a special storage for edibles to Kassi.  

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