The 8 Best Cannabis Social Networks in 2020

One of the great things about social networks is that like-minded individuals can connect and share information about their projects, passions and businesses. But traditional social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter restrict cannabis content on their platforms. As a result, a lot of cannabis businesses and weed enthusiasts have turned to smaller, cannabis-friendly social networks.

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Let’s take a look at the eight best cannabis social networks you can use to talk about marijuana and hemp in 2020.


LeafWire is a great cannabis platform for businesses. LeafWire is different than other cannabis social networks because it’s designed to help cannabis businesses connect with potential partners, investors and cannabis professionals.

Just like LinkedIn, LeafWire allows you to interact with content posted by other users. The platform helps cannabis enthusiasts catch up with the latest news in the industry, network and connect with business contacts and more.

More than 25,000 cannabis professionals have a LeafWire account, so this social network is a great place to socialise for those activating in the cannabis industry.

Grow Diaries 

Grow Diaries is the largest social media platform specially designed for cannabis growers. This social network enables users to compare their yields with other members of the platform, and it also helps them to keep track of their growth cycles.

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Members of the tight-knitted grower community share advice to help others improve and avoid mistakes. User questions are usually answered in detail by more experienced members within hours.

Thanks to the large number of veteran cannabis growers that are active on the platform, Grow Diaries is probably the best place novice users can use to find helpful information about different strains and cannabis growing systems.

Cannabis Pros

Cannabis Pros is an up and coming platform that’s designed to connect professionals in the cannabis industry. This cannabis platform allows users to browse jobs and events as well as connect with like-minded individuals.

Companies activating on Cannabis Pros can post updates, jobs, connect with fans and more. This cannabis social network is perfect for those who want to be successful in the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Pros helps those who share original thoughts, news and events build successful business relationships in the cannabis world.


Weedable enables users to post cannabis content, follow and interact with brands as well as individuals and shop directly from the social media platform.

This cannabis social media network is the home of an active online community. Cannabis lovers and users from around the world share thoughts and updates with their peers.

Businesses profiles on Weedable allow entrepreneurs to connect with other companies and followers. The main advantage of Weedable over other cannabis social networks is that it allows users to browse products and shop without leaving the website.

Weedable is currently working on releasing a mobile app that will probably take the network to the next level.


Duby is one of the largest online communities of cannabis lovers. You can’t access this cannabis social network on your laptop because it only works as a mobile app.

As a social app, Duby is a curious mixture of Instagram, Twitter and Tinder. But, surprisingly, this mixture hit the right spot for cannabis users.

Duby enables you to view videos, and it even features a ‘Stories’ section, just like Instagram. You can browse content other users share, and you can follow hashtags to keep track of the topics that interest you.

When you find an interesting post on Duby, you can ‘pass’ it to others if you like it or you can ‘put it out’ if you don’t. Cannabis businesses can use Duby to market themselves and promote their brands.

Duby has an interesting concept, and it’s a great place for cannabis enthusiasts, whether they’re amateurs or professionals. However, the app still has some glitches and bugs, so there’s room for improvement.


WeedLife is a cannabis social network that enables people to discuss everything that’s happening in the industry. The platform’s website is user-friendly and easy to access from a laptop. But WeedLife also features a mobile app that’s available for all smartphones, making it easy for cannabis enthusiasts to connect to other users on the go.

Most of the active accounts on WeedLife follow the latest news, but the social media platform also enables users to discover cannabis products and stores available in their area.

WeedLife can be a great platform for cannabis businesses because it helps them promote their brands to potential customers. Companies can showcase the location of their brick-and-mortar stores, and they can also post deals, promotions and updates.

This cannabis social media platform also has a business alternative called MJLink.


MJLink is probably the largest cannabis community for businesses and professionals. Featuring a wide-ranging network of services, like accounting, banking, insurance, distribution, extraction and more, that tailor to the cannabis industry, MJLink is one of the go-to options for entrepreneurs who want to connect with potential business partners.

Together, MJLink and WeedLife attract over 2.6 million users per month. Now, these numbers don’t even scratch the surface of the figures Facebook or Instagram pull, but they’re still massive for a social network that’s specially designed for cannabis lovers.


Reddit is one of the largest social media platforms in the world, and it features several ‘forums’ or subreddits that focus on cannabis. For example, there is a subreddit called ‘trees, which is one of the most active cannabis social media platforms out there.

As the name suggests, r/trees started off as a joke. To retaliate, actual tree lovers created the subreddit ‘marijuanaenthusiasts‘ that focuses exclusively on trees. Now, all jokes aside, Reddit does not restrict cannabis content in any way, so it is a great place for cannabis enthusiasts and helps them and businesses to connect with like-minded individuals.

The specific topics in the cannabis communities on Reddit vary, but you can find everything from serious content to cannabis-related jokes.

While it’s not a cannabis-focused social media platform per se, Reddit is still worth mentioning because it offers a safe space where cannabis lovers can socialise.

The importance of cannabis social networks in 2020

Even though the cannabis industry witnessed some major advancements in the last couple of years, it’s still a long way from becoming accepted by large social media networks, such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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Large social media companies keep away from cannabis because of its complicated legal status. In parts of Europe and the U.S., cannabis is legal for medical and/or recreational purposes. In other parts, it’s a banned substance. As a result, the leading social media platforms restrict cannabis content to protect themselves from legal problems.

Thus, cannabis social networks are, and will continue to be, the only safe places for cannabis lovers and cannabis brands to share content and interact. These platforms help cannabis enthusiasts learn more about the plant and the industry, and they help businesses connect with more potential customers.

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