This UK-based Online Headshop is All Set to Disrupt the Market in 2020

The year 2020 has been a wild ride from the start. The entire world is going through something that none of us experienced before. And yet, there is still some news around that might brighten your mood and make you feel hopeful. And here is today’s good news.

The United Kingdom has been gradually moving into the footsteps of the United States, relaxing its stronghold laws on smoking paraphernalia and other substances. However, there are still miles to cover.

UK online headshop United Kingdom cannabis online headstore Olivastu United Kingdom

To some, it might seem kind of paradox that a country that doesn’t allow the sale of drugs does legally allow the sale of smoking accessories like bongs, rolling papers and dab rigs, which may be used to smoke illegal substances.

Despite there being so much fuss over smoking accessories, the UK market still sees a gap between customer demand and supply. Whether it is the trust factor or simply the availability of an item, the UK smokers club feels a little left out in this area.

A gap in the market is a sign of missed opportunity. Customer demand is obviously there, but supply isn’t, which brings us to the introduction of Olivastu, an online headshop aiming to make smoking accessories available to enthusiasts.

Not stepping out of the legal circle, Olivastu aims to build a community of like-minded people and bring about a revolution in the field.

Run by two young cannasseurs, the company is based in the heart of London. The idea was conceived by their own experiences and observations of the gap between what customers want and what was supplied to them in the current market.

After a quick analysis of the laws and regulations, it was quite clear to them that it won’t be just like any other business. ‘Starting a headshop from scratch and putting it out into the world is scary and exciting, all at the same time’, said the lads.

UK online headshop United Kingdom cannabis online headstore Olivastu United Kingdom

The idea of Olivastu was not up and running in a day. Running an online headshop is a challenge, as neither Google nor social media platforms allow ads or displays of any kind of substance.

You have to tread the path with caution and extreme knowledge, knowing what you can post, sell or even talk about. ‘I remember the anxiety and thrill we felt when we started this, the aim we have for this, and the hurdles we want to jump over’, exclaimed the two founders.

Unlike other local headshops, Olivastu has a rampant collection of smoking accessories, ranging from bongs, rolling papers, one-hitters as well as glass pipes to the very popular vapes and e-liquids and even home accessories! From small items like mesh filters to the largest one, you can find everything at Olivastu.

The prices of the paraphernalia are generously low in comparison to local businesses, and that’s not where it all ends. Olivastu’s shipping and delivery are what catches attention. It offers free and discreet shipping all over the UK!

Discreet shipping is a way of delivering your smoking accessories like bongs, rolling papers, vapes, smoking pipes or any other things to your doorstep without letting anyone know what’s in the box.

Now, that’s exciting. You won’t have to worry about anyone else’s judgement or unwanted attention.

Olivastu is indeed here to disrupt and bridge the gap in the UK market, making sure that what you desire is what you get. If you’re looking to search through its website, have a look at

And if you’re looking for some new glass bongs, a butane torch or planning to stack rolling papers during these uncertain times, give the shop a try.

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