Top Benefits of Buying Local, Search for CBD Oil Near You

The phrases ‘buy local’ and ‘shop local’ have been around for a while now with the aim of encouraging consumers to support local business, boost the local economy and even help the environment. Well, guess what. Just as buying local produce, dairy and other retail goods can do those things, so can buying locally-made cannabidiol (CBD) oil.

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That in itself is a big reason why so many people are performing searches on ‘CBD oil near me’, but the benefits go even further than that. Check out why it’s better for everyone involved — you (the consumer), the seller and even the planet — to buy local CBD products instead of ordering mass-produced CBD oils made overseas.


Let’s clarify what it means to ‘buy local’

When you talk about buying local, the concept is easy; it really just means that you’re focused on purchasing local goods and services from nearby locations instead of similar products made further away.

Buying locally is actually a much easier concept to grasp for products like food, house goods, clothing and other items that you’d come across in your everyday life. Many of these products could have been created or cultivated within minutes from your home.

For CBD oil, it’s not as likely to find products that are ‘local’ like fruits, veggies and useful household goods since there aren’t as many people producing it. That’s why, when you talk about buying CBD oil near me, ‘near me’ usually just refers to buying products that weren’t made halfway across the world.

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So to buy local CBD, it basically just means that if you’re American, you try to buy American-made CBD oil products from local retailers. If you’re European, keep it to Europe. Of course, it’s great if you can purchase CBD that was made right down the road, but that’s not always a possibility.


Best reasons to buy CBD locally

Now, after already having mentioned a few big benefits to purchasing CBD oil locally, let’s look at those more closely. Even when shopping locally, the process starts online. Resources such as list all the best local shops in your city, use them to read some reviews, then start shopping.

Reason 1: Better for the national economy

Buying products locally means that money continues to circulate locally, boosting the nearby economy and keeping the money where you actually live. Although this isn’t always the cheapest option, it’s completely worth it to spend a bit extra on local products since you’re actually helping your local economy to survive and thrive.

So many people are buying CBD oil online, but instead of purchasing online CBD from a few states away or even across the country, they’re purchasing cheap products made in China just to save a few extra bucks. While this strategy might save you money in the short term, it’s doing nothing to stimulate your local (or national) economy.

On top of that, buying CBD oil from overseas means that you don’t always know what you’re getting in terms of quality, which brings us to the next benefit of shopping for CBD oil near you.

Reason 2: Differences in the quality of products from overseas

While we can’t say that every product made in China is low in quality, there’s definitely a bigger chance of getting a low-quality product when you purchase from overseas. This rule applies to pretty much every mass-produced product, including CBD oils. The US Department of Commerce makes a good point about being able to judge product quality based on recall numbers:

‘These recall counts point to sizeable growth over the past decade in the recall notices of Chinese-made consumer goods from 58 in 2002 to 179 in 2016 (with a peak of 302 in 2007). This is not surprising given the sharp rise in goods imported from China. In contrast, there were 73 recall notices of U.S.-made consumer goods, 5 for consumer goods manufactured in Canada…’

The much higher percentage of recalled products in China means something, and recalled CBD oil isn’t something you should ever want to come across.

Reason 3: Quality CBD has many benefits

Staying on the topic of quality, safety isn’t the only reason to keep quality high by buying local CBD oils. Another big reason is that the higher the quality, the better the results. While some sources still aren’t sure whether or not to view CBD oil as safe and effective, many say that CBD has lots of health-boosting potential, but that’s only the case if you buy products that are worth it.

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Not only is CBD being used to help calm down nerves and reduce anxiety, but it’s also even being used for debilitating health conditions like epilepsy and Parkinson’s. It’s possible to experience a lot of different benefits whether you use it for a specific condition or just for a general health boost.

Reason 4: More environmentally-friendly

A lot of resources go into making your products, and even more go into the process of getting those products to you. Just consider hemp that was grown on farmland in China vs hemp grown in the US, Canada or your home country.

Processing and bottling that hemp to make CBD oils takes work and resources, but then you have to factor in what’s needed to ship that product from across the world. You’ll be able to cut down on a lot of resources by focusing on local CBD products instead, and that in turn can have a positive impact on the environment.


What CBD products to purchase locally

Now that you know what it means to buy CBD oil locally and why you should do that and search for CBD oil near me the next time you go shop for CBD, the next step is to figure out which CBD-containing products are worth your time. The good news is that there are a lot of them — you’re basically spoilt for choice these days when it comes to shopping for CBD oil products.

In the past, CBD oil was most commonly found in the form of a liquid tincture or small vials of CBD oil that have been made by soaking cannabis in alcohol. Nowadays, tinctures are still widely available, but other CBD products have hit the market by storm, like bath bombs, lotions, capsules, cookies and many more.

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The CBD product you end up choosing comes down to preference as well as need, but just remember that quality goes hand in hand with buying from reputable local sources.

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