Top 11 Cannabis PR Agencies of 2020

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A startup often begins with a solution to a problem that currently exists in a market. Especially in the cannabis industry, there are certainly hundreds of issues that are yet to be solved. However, just providing a solution, which can be either in the form of a product or a service, is often not enough to actually reach people in the space. One of the most important aspects of achieving success for a cannabis startup is to be able to get the word about your business out into the world.

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Marketing agencies are omnipresent in almost every industry sector around the globe. Banners, videos and sponsored placements are certainly useful advertising methods, but in the cannabis world, there is another crucial factor that every company needs to keep in mind: public relations. Many market participants and cannabis enthusiasts read cannabis-focused media, such as Strain Insider. Consequently, these outlets are an essential tool for reaching your desired audience at a minimum effort.

Below are 11 of the most established and trusted cannabis PR agencies of 2020.

Best 11 cannabis PR agencies of 2020

1. Wick & Mortar

Wick & Mortar, formerly Online Marijuana Design, is a tight-knit creative team that strategizes and develops compelling visual identities for cannabis brands. Wick & Mortar has been creating and cultivating cannabis brands since 2009. They are one of the oldest and longest running cannabis branding, marketing and advertising agencies in the country. The company has worked with a variety of cannabis startups in the past, including vaporizer, hemp oil and other cannabis product manufacturers.



COHNNABIS has been supporting the branding, marketing and PR needs of dispensaries, products, venture capital-backed startups and allied companies that sell to the industry since Colorado voted to legalise adult use of cannabis in 2012. Its clients are on the leading edge of innovation in the cannabis industry. COHNNABIS is a full-service cannabis marketing agency that draws on the depth of more than 30 members of the COHN team. They have experts in retail, real estate, consumer packaged goods (CPG) and B2B marketing combining their talents and experiences with their cannabis-industry specialists.


3. Evolute

Evolute is a leading communication and marketing agency focused on growing businesses in hyper-growth industries. They create powerful PR campaigns to get cannabis, blockchain or high-tech companies featured on the news. The company focuses on achieving organic traffic with articles that are written and published by journalists on the biggest publications in the world, such as Forbes, Entrepreneur and many more. Evolute’s unique approach of offering fair pricing models sets the agency apart from many other service suppliers in the cannabis space.


4. Cannabrand

Cannabrand is the world’s first full-service marketing agency dedicated to the cannabis space and partners with companies who share their vision of destigmatising cannabis and breaking ground in this dynamic industry. Cannabrand is also a consultancy which offers support for operations, supply chain management and investor relations. Their team is comprised of professionals from traditional industries and the cannabis space, therefore, it has an agile approach to projects.


5. NisonCo

NisonCo has a proven track record of successful political advocacy and policy change supporting the legalisation of marijuana and other causes. These same capabilities have helped their clients in multiple sectors build, secure, and increase brand awareness in a constantly shifting cultural landscape. NisonCo is one of the top cannabis industry PR firms with over 2,800 active media contacts at over 2,900 outlets. It has an unmatched network of relationships with mainstream media, industry-specific media, product reviewers and thought leaders from around the country.


6. Ingrid Marketing

Ingrid Marketing is a smart cannabis marketing and PR agency that has deep connections in the cannabis space, plus decades of marketing and public relations experience, to help develop industry-leading brands. They will work with you to craft your media and marketing strategy for maximum media attention and buzz. Their team commits to fostering thought leadership, aggressively marketing products and promoting their clients’ successes. Ingrid Marketing has partnered in 2015 to bring decades of marketing and PR experience to the emerging cannabis industry.


7. 4Blooms

4Blooms is San Diego’s full-service marketing agency dedicated to helping cannabis-centric businesses blossom. From branding to websites and full-service marketing, they’ve got a green thumb when it comes to cultivating intelligent brands that stand out from the crowd. 4Blooms creates stunning, responsive sites that are easy-to-manage and generate sales from the start. In addition, they are masters at the art of search engine optimisation (SEO) to overcome some of the challenges of cannabis advertising. With solution partners for lease strategies, cybersecurity, compliance, point-of-sale, text marketing and more, 4Blooms provides access to key service providers that accelerate your businesses’ growth and success.


8. Canna-Ventures

Canna Ventures is a full-service branding and marketing agency with the proven ability to build strong brands that last. Their team of brand developers, marketers and designers has developed multiple award-winning campaigns and brands for the past 20 plus years. Canna Ventures creates unique and compelling ways for their clients to clearly differentiate their brands and build customer loyalty.


9. The Hybrid Creative

The Hybrid Creative is another full-service marketing agency that focuses on the cannabis industry. Their talented team includes more than 20 marketing experts, whereas some of them focus on communications and public relations. Being based in California, The Hybrid Creative has worked with numerous cannabis startups from all kinds of business fields in the industry.


10. Siarza

Siarza Social Digital is an innovative digital marketing agency that specialises in comprehensive digital solutions and strategies across several industries. Their services include SEO, email marketing, text message marketing and online video marketing. Siarza’s mission is centered around producing fresh and innovative solutions for their clients with a focus on unsurpassed personalised service.


11. 420 PR Group

420PR is a network of senior talents specialising in print and online press, media relations and writing. Their strength is personalised service with the highest regard for results. 420PR helps small companies seek public recognition that improves credibility. They have a network of writers on the West and East coast, France and the UK, to provide round-the-clock public relations services.

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