Top 9 Hemp Online Shops in Europe 2020

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The following is a list of the best hemp online shops in Europe. This list only includes stores that are offering real and legal hemp products. All hemp shops that are mentioned in this article have a public address disclosed on their website. If you know of a European hemp online shop that is missing, please let us know at

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Hemp and cannabis are undoubtedly part of a fast progressing trend that is currently conquering the business and consumer world. Strain Insider already reported about the infinite use cases of hemp in 2018 and, apparently, there are already several stores in Europe that discovered these use cases as well. These are the best hemp online shops situated on the European continent.


Shops that are mentioned in this article are not subject to any kind of ranking or endorsement by Strain Insider. Hemp that is offered in these shops may be illegal in your country. Please conduct your own research before you place an order.


Best Hemp Online Shops

Deepnature Project

Location: Austria
Assortment: hemp extracts, hemp tea, hemp nuts, hemp protein

The Deepnature Project hemp online shop is part of the European Industrial Hemp Association and sells organic hemp products to all countries within the European Union. The shop believes that sustainability, fairness and quality are all equally important aspects when it comes to product development.



Location: United Kingdom
Assortment: hemp clothing, hemp food, hemp extracts, hemp fabrics

With more than 23 years of experience in the use of pure hemp and hemp blends, The Hemp Shop is the UK’s oldest and largest supplier of hemp fabrics. It is a one-stop shop for all the hemp products you could possibly imagine. From traditional hemp clothing to hemp eyewear, ropes, paper, suncare and flour – there’s no desire left unfulfilled.



Location: Switzerland
Assortment: hemp extracts, hemp food, hemp cosmetics, hemp buds

MrHemp is a Swiss hemp online shop that offers hemp oil, CBD drops, hemp skin care products and vegan hemp food. The shop also offers multiple products by various brands, such as Sonnenfeld, Starbuds Luzern, C-Pure, Qualicann and others.



Location: Germany
Assortment: hemp clothing, hemp accessories

Avocadostore is a German clothing store that has a broad selection of hemp clothing from the brand Himal Hemp, including backpacks, t-shirts, scarfs, laptop sleeves and various bags.



Location: Switzerland
Assortment: hemp clones, hemp extracts, hemp food, hemp body lotion

Greeners is another Swiss hemp online shop that has a small selection of hemp products. Signature products include hemp chocolate, hemp shower gel, hemp pesto and hemp beer.


Hemp Selection

Location: Austria
Assortment: hemp oil, hemp seeds, hemp drinks, hemp cosmetics

Hemp Selection is an online store that mainly focuses on hemp edibles and drinks. Especially its unique collection of hemp and cannabis drinks can be considered to be extraordinary, as hemp wine, beer, energy drinks and ice tea are fairly rare hemp products.



Location: Germany
Assortment: hemp clothing, hemp bags, hemp food, hemp cosmetics

As one of the first German hemp-focused online stores, Hanfhaus supplies its customers with premium hemp clothing and edibles.



Location: United Kingdom
Assortment: hemp oil, hemp tea, hemp coconut oil

Hempen is a British hemp supplier that offers a small collection of hemp products. As a co-operative, Hempen’s team actively encourages working as a community and sharing their knowledge and their passion.



Location: Netherlands
Assortment: hemp concentrates, hemp edibles, hemp capsules, hemp skin care

Originally based in San Diego, USA, Endoca is currently trying to set foot in the European market with a new subsidiary in the Netherlands. The CBD online shop offers almost anything that customers could possibly imagine, including CBD concentrates, oils, edibles, pet food and much more.

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