Weed Delivery Options in Canada During COVID-19 This Christmas

2020 is a year where everyone has been left pondering how to get their much needed essential products and services to their homes. Due to changes in available manpower and the knock-on effect on services and shipping, online purchases may be affected — some more than others. This is especially true when it comes to medical needs, including legal marijuana!

Considerations when purchasing legal weed online

As different districts of Canada each have their own regulations for consumption and distribution, it can be confusing as to where you get a delivery from and what you will need to be able to place an order. Many weed consumers choose vendors and each offers slightly different options and, according to leafythings, there are a few things to consider.

Each store will have expert staff to help you with choosing the best selection for your needs, whether you are new to the world of medical marijuana or because, understandably, the reasons for your intake or tastes may have changed during this complicated time. Whatever your needs are, friendly and empathic teams are ready to guide you, should you want their advice.

First and foremost is the legality of your age, you must be 21 or over and have evidence to provide proof of this upon arrival. Without valid documentation you will not be allowed to legally obtain your delivery, so please check what validation you have and that the details are up to date and correct.

Secondly, understanding the difference between the strains and the effects they produce is integral to getting the desired results from the product you have chosen. Make sure you buy the correct substance for your required use. For example, if you suffer from anxiety, you will want something mellow, for arthritis, a pain suppressant would be highly recommended, and so on.

If smoking isn’t an option for you there are plenty of other options, CBD oils are becoming increasingly popular and there are many handy tips for holistic remedies and recipes for you to enjoy as culinary delights.


Stock availability and supply delays 

With a much higher percentage of people being at home during the week, not to mention a drastic reduction in entertainment sources, other than from our screens, it’s no surprise to see that the numbers of Canadians who now use cannabis have risen sharply.

Be it for medical or recreational use, the supply of the mind-altering substance still needs to match that of the demand for any pre-planning of orders or logistics to remain unaffected. At present, manufacturers are not raising any ‘red flags’ and are confident that their customers do not need to panic or bulk buy.

They are undergoing strict health and safety regulations which do potentially affect their workforce, however, any delays are being communicated as they arise, and all companies are endeavouring to minimise any interruptions however they can.

With this in mind, it is advised that you order only the quantity that you require at any one time to stop a backlog of stock from forming and causing further disruptions to the retailers and their affiliates.


Changes to shipping during corona

As of March 2020, the Canadian Postal Service has issued a statement that it will not be providing home deliveries that require a signature during the COVID-19 crisis. This is to limit face to face interaction, which would be unavoidable while obtaining proof of age and a signature of the recipient.

They will instead leave a card at your door or contact you via email to direct you to the closest postal office for collection. Unfortunately for some, this does mean a trip outdoors, however, this does not mean that all of you who are doing your bit to keep safely away from others, or the many who are more vulnerable or immobilised, must now compromise themselves.

Other shipping services such as FedEx and some others, including Puralator, have agreed that they are happy to view the recipient’s identification from an acceptable distance and will not require a signature while the pandemic continues. Also, in light of the changes in government legislation, some stores, which provide cannabis in its many forms, do still offer the option of buying online and collecting in store.

Some that have previously been able to offer personal collection now only deliver to minimise customer contact.

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