What Should I Look for When Buying CBD

If you have been around any media in the past few years, you have surely heard of CBD. And you may even have thought about buying some CBD products yourself. But with so many new products and companies emerging on the market, it can be hard to know what to buy, so we are tackling an important question today: What should I look for when buying CBD?


What is CBD and what is it good for?

First off, what is cannabidiol (CBD)? CBD is one of the many cannabinoids that can be found in the cannabis plant. After tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the psychoactive compound that is responsible for the ‘high’ that gets associated with marijuana, it’s by far the most popular and well-studied cannabinoid.

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It has a wide range of use-cases and benefits and basically no drawbacks. Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t have any intoxicating effects, so it won’t negatively impact your day-to-day life.

CBD has shown a lot of promise as a treatment for various illnesses and disorders, such as Parkinson’s, depression, PTSD, anxiety, Multiple Sclerosis, inflammation, chronic pain etc.


What you should look out for when buying CBD

Even though CBD is always CBD, meaning that the chemical structure of CBD is always the same, not every product is the same. For example, there is going to be a difference in CBD levels between a CBD oil and a CBD flower.

There is also synthetic CBD that was made in a laboratory instead of being extracted from a hemp plant. Additionally, the CBD levels vary from product to product, and even from batch to batch.

But these are all things that are pretty easy to get, even for someone new to the field. Shops and vendors tell you about the CBD levels of their products and the difference between synthetic and organic should be apparent.

That being said, there are three main points that you should look out for when buying CBD that you might not immediately think of.

When you buy CBD, you aren’t necessarily only getting CBD. Actually, in most cases you aren’t. And this is good.

As already said, there are many different cannabinoids and terpenes in the cannabis plant and they all have different properties and effects. Many of them even synergise with each other, potentiating their positive effects. This is also known as the entourage effect.

The easiest way to get the full benefits of CBD and take advantage of everything the hemp plant has to offer is to get a full-spectrum CBD oil, like the CBDPure hemp oil, for example.

If you do, however, decide to get a CBD isolate, you will only get the effects of CBD, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it is suboptimal. A study from 2015 found that CBD isolate follows a bell-shaped dose-response, in contrast to full-spectrum CBD, which shows a stronger response with bigger doses.

The second thing that you should really look out for is third-party testing. Whichever merchant you want to buy from, you should always look for certificates. After all, you want to get what you are being offered and since you probably don’t have a laboratory at home, it’s best to buy from tested and certified vendors.

The last thing you should definitely consider before purchasing anything is what you want to accomplish. There are different products for different purposes. For example, there are wellness CBD products and products that are more health oriented.

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You should also consider how you want to consume your product. If you want to smoke it, you should probably get CBD flowers. You can also make edibles out of CBD flowers.

But if you want to ingest your CBD, you should probably just go for a CBD oil or something along those lines. There is also the option of using a cream if you don’t want to ingest or smoke anything.

However, depending on what you want to use the CBD for, some products might be better for you than others.


Why should I use CBDPure products?

If you want to get the best effects that CBD has to offer, you should definitely consider buying a full-spectrum hemp oil from CBDPure. CBDPure oils are made from non-GMO, top-quality hemp that is being grown by local Colorado farmers.

The hemp is minimally processed and every batch of CBD oil is getting third-party tested to ensure that the stringent quality and pureness requirements are met.


What can I use CBDPure products for?

The all-natural CBD hemp oil by CBDPure can be used for pretty much anything. Since it’s a full-spectrum CBD oil, you will profit from the entourage effect on top of CBD’s positive effects. This makes it pretty much universally applicable.

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You can use it to combat joint pain, chronic pain in general or some other illness or disorder.

The list of illnesses that CBD helps with is frankly too long to list here, but there are a lot of studies out there and you can always ask your doctor about it. Also, since CBD doesn’t have any negative effects, you can just try it and see for yourself.


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